Jennifer Aniston Wants a Friends Reunion—But There's a Catch

Is Rachel fat? Is Ross bald? Hear what the actress has to say...

By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 20, 2015 5:50 PMTags
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Like Gunther's love for Rachel, it's a dream that will never die.

Friends fans desperately want a reunion. Pretty much everyone on Friends has said it probably won't happen, but that doesn't stop the ever-present conversation, especially now that Netflix has fueled the hunger with the Jan. 1 release of all episodes. (Too. Much. Goodness.)

So is there any chance a Friends reunion could ever happen?


Jennifer Aniston just told E! News she might be up for it, but there's one caveat: She jokes (or maybe she's serious?) that she'd rather do it when they are all senior citizens.

"Why not wait 'til we're really, really old and then put us up there?" Jennifer muses. "That would be more interesting."

Aniston's theory is that a senior-citizen Friends reunion would answer far more questions about what happened in the gang's lives, giving the fans what they want. "Where am I? How many kids? Two kids? Three kids? Am I in retail? Am I fat? Is Joey Doughy Joey. Is Ross bald?"

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For the time being, fans can see Jennifer on the big screen in a dramatically different role than she's ever taken on before, in Cake, portraying a woman living with chronic pain after a devastating accident, who is trying to piece her life back together. Her performance is chilling, and emotionally gripping, and although it didn't earn her an Academy Award nomination last week, she says there is an upside.

"I actually started to feel like it's almost more wonderful to be the number one snubbed than to be  nominated," Aniston says with a smile. "I got more phone calls and emails about that than I did for the [Golden Globe and SAG Award] nominations."

Also lovely? The legacy of Friends is not lost on her—even now, more than 10 years after the show went off the air.

"It's so special to me to be a part of something that is so beloved," Aniston muses. "It was the greatest time in my life. And that was such a great group of people, and we love each other and it's the gift that keeps on giving. People are still loving Friends and I hope they do ‘til the end of time."

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—Reporting by Jesse Giddings