Matt Healy Addresses Taylor Swift Romance Rumors

"It's all bloody fake!" The 1975 rocker insists on Australia's 2DayFM

By Zach Johnson Jan 20, 2015 12:27 PMTags

Are they or aren't they?

It turns out, they aren't. The 1975's Matt Healy and Taylor Swift may have exchanged phone numbers in the fall of 2014, but the musicians' long distance bills haven't gotten any higher. The British rock star, 25, addressed the rampant romance rumors last week during a radio interview with Australia's 2DayFM. "It's fake. It's all bloody fake. It's a farce!" he said of reports that he's secretly seeing the pop star, 25.

"We met each other, we exchanged numbers in the same way that a lot of people in this kind of world do, and we spoke occasionally," he said. "She's the biggest pop star in the world and I'm in Australia. There's no relationship or anything happening. It's just funny how people really, really buy into that."

Healy reiterated that "it really didn't happen," but joked that "it would be amazing for me if it did."

After Healy was linked to Swift last year, he was compared to one of the "Blank Space" singer's exes. "It was like with Harry Styles. There's nobody I know less on the planet than Harry Styles. There's nobody I've laid eyes on less in my life than Harry Styles. But because we were doing things—you have music, or whatever, hair, or whatever—people start talking about us...and then we were in the press," the "Settle Down" singer recalled. "We were best friends, we were hanging out...Those things spiral out of control."

Swift, who kicks off her world tour in May, isn't looking for a boyfriend right now. "It's not that [I've sworn off dating] as much as I'm just very protective of my happiness," she told E! News last year. "I found a place in my life that feels really great and I'm not willing to compromise that for just anyone, and so, you can paraphrase that all you want into something very extreme, but they make what I say extreme no matter what I say. So, I'm really happy about the fact that being single doesn't feel like being alone. I have love in my life, I just don't have a relationship, and that feels really natural right now."