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alwaysfinchel: anything about Glee!
Get ready for Coach Beiste's big musical debut! "I'm performing  with a bunch of the kids," Dot Marie Jones reveals. While she didn't know the song she's be covering just yet, Jones tells us, "All I know is i'm a hot mess out there and I hope to rope it in by the time we shot it." Expect to see the number in episode 11.

TV_JEN: Anything #Scandal #GreysAnatomy or #HTGAWM literally dying from #TGITWITHDRAWAL
Samesies. How about some romance scoop on How to Get Away With Murder to ease your symptoms? "We get to see more of the resolution of Bonnie and Asher's relationship," Matt McGorry says of HTGAWM's Jan. 29 return. "It gets more complicated, but more fun, too. We get to see two people who are probably not great at relationships trying to work things out, which is painful to watch in some ways." 

Cangel_SC: Steroline spoilers please :) thank you #TVD
You're very welcome. For what? This nugget of very good news from Julie Plec: "Obviously, Caroline is going through a ton and Stefan as a lot of ground to make up, in terms of being a good friend. He really does step up and does work hard to win her friendship back and he is her rock through the whole experience. It really bonds them beautifully and will lead to questions about are there feelings there, can those feelings go anywhere? We'll see how that plays out over the rest of the season."

Monica: Anything at all regarding Outlander!
Look for some of Caitriona Balfe's best work yet in a heartbreaking scene involving a baby. (And, no, her character Claire isn't having one!) It goes down in the second episode after the show returns in....April. Shudder. That never gets easier to say! 

Arrow, Katie Cassidy

Cate Cameron/The CW

andyouloveher88: what's coming up for Arrow when we come off winter hiatus? #spoilerchat
The moment we've all been waiting for finally comes to fruition...Laurel suits up as the Black Canary! "On January 21, you will see me as the Black Canary!" Katie Cassidy tells us. "Plus, fans are going to be really surprised when Laurel finds out who killed her sister and the way she responds to it is now what you'd expect. And when her father hears that the Black Canary has returned, she's kind of stuck. She doesn't know if she should share that with her father or not so she ends up going to Nyssa to ask for advice. The final episodes of this season are just so jaw-dropping and awesome."

tarcamwhat: Anything on #TheFlash!
Things between Iris and Barry after his big love confession are, well, complicated. "Barry's actually less awkward than I would have imagined him being with the situation, having been rejected," Grant Gustin says. "The tables have kind of turned, now that he's been honest and he was rejected, he wants them to be able to have whatever relationship they're going to be able to have for now. She's kind of awkward because she's maybe realizing she's not being completely honest with herself about her feelings."

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Dominic Cooper, Captain America

Jay Maidment / Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures

Tom: Got anything on Agent Carter?
When Howard Stark (guest star Dominic Cooper) makes his big return next week, Agent Peggy Carter won't be welcoming him home with a hug this time. In fact, his return comes right on the heels of her learning that Howard and Jarvis lied to her...and their lie has a little something to do with her long lost love, Captain America. Expect Peggy to shut Howard down during their knock-down, drag out argument in the best possible way--her scathing and honest words. 

amberspectre: can we have some hints on how claire's storyline is going to develop? and her relationship with cas?
Expect to see things with Castiel and his vessel's orphaned daughter Claire to get worse before they can get better on Supernatural. "Claire does not understand why Dean killed her surrogate father Randy," executive producer Jeremy Carver says. "So Claire is very much a live wire still. How to deal with her and how to be a father to her is very much Castiel's story right now. There is more to be seen with their story."

The Fall, Netflix


Laura: Um, we need to talk about The Fall. THAT ENDING! Will there be more?
Talking about The Fall is our favorite pastime. And we asked the one and only Gillian Anderson just how much longer the story of Stella Gibson and Paul Spector could go on. "I think we can definitely do one, maybe even two more. I mean, I'm up for however long it takes to feel like we've seen everything we need to see," Anderson tells us. "I feel like there's a lot more there, there's a lot more story to be told. There are so many different directions that we can go with it after this, as you'll see how it ends. There's a lot of questions. I guess ultimately it's going to be how long—It takes up all of [creator Allan Cubitt's] life, basically. He wrote all of them himself and then we're in prep—It takes a lot longer to shoot them, not only because we're in the UK and they take about 11 days an episode as opposed to eight, but it's also a full hour and not 42 minutes. So, it's a lot out of a person's life, and so it will also depend on how long Allan thinks he can devote his entire life to it and not do anything else. [Laughs.]"

Shannon: Anything coming up for my man Nick on New Girl?
Some ambition finally! "A big storyline going with is Nick and Schmidt become business partners and I'm excited about that because Max [Greenfield] and I have a lot of fun when we get to do scenes together," Jake Johnson says. "And so I think they're going to explore what that means, Nick and Schmidt working together." What we think it means? Hijinks, which we are more than OK with!

Sophia Bush, Jason Beghe, Chicago P.D.


Molly: Is Lindsay really going to leave Chicago on Chicago P.D.?!
We can't imagine the NBC drama without the always flawless Sophia Bush, so we had to ask her that very same question, now that a lawyer offered Lindsay a new job to be the head of her own federal task force. "When she goes to work for the feds, her boss doesn't care [about the team working like a family]," she says. "He's more concerned with keeping the steamroller rolling, if you will. So do I want what looks better on paper or was I happier in this place I was before? You'll have to wait and see how it turns out." 

Rachel: I need to know more about Alison Tolman on Archer. Please?
Did you love her on Fargo as much as we did? Then you're going to love her on Archer even more, guaranteed. "I play a very different version of my Fargo character," Tolman says. "She's a terrible person. Just absolutely terrible, but Molly was pretty great. I got to go and play around in a voice-over booth for a day, which was so much fun. I can't wait to see how it turned out. I play Pam's sister Edie who we have heard about throughout the series but we've never met her. She's just been built up in our minds as this monster. She certainly delivers!"

Sarah: I need anything and everything you have on The Americans!
Well, we can't tell you everything we know about what's coming up for The Americans as season three is about to premiere. That would just be no fun at all! But we can tease that there's a storyline coming up this season involving Philip and an underage girl, and it's going to make you extremely uncomfortable...as it's supposed to. "It was a subject that concerned me," Matthew Rhys says. "We talked it out. It's with the beauty of the conflict of where this series lies. It's incredibly interesting to watch and play. With this mandate, he's presented with a mission that is incredibly conflicting to him as a father and a human being, but it serves a greater purpose." Expect this storyline to come to fruition around episode 4.

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—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Chris Harnick and Sydney Bucksbaum

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