Christina Milian Gets Her Nipple Pierced and Screams in Pain—See the Christina Milian Turned Up Clip!

Watch the Christina Milian Turned Up sneak peek!

By Carrie Dilluvio Jan 18, 2015 5:05 PMTags
Watch: Christina Milian Gets a Piercing Where?!

If this is a preview of what is to come on Christina Milian Turned Up, then we are even more excited than before. 

In the above clip from tonight's premiere, Christina Milian treats her mom to a tattoo for her birthday! Carmen Milian, who is referred to as a "G" by her daughter, is a good sport and goes along with the birthday fesitivies. 

But while there, Christina realizes she wants to get a little something done too. And by little, we mean get her nipple pierced. 

Talk about living in the moment! 

Watch the above clip to see the cringeworthy nipple piercing moment and find out what kind of tattoo Carmen gets!

Tune in to the hour-long Christina Milian Turned Up series premiere tonight at 10/9c on E!