Ben Kingsley, Mary-Kate Olsen

Jeffrey Mayer/, Jamie McCarthy/

It's the smooch heard round the world. Mary-Kate Olsen's on-set buss with Sir Ben Kingsley for the movie The Wackness has made plenty of people squeamish.

But while their age difference (42 years!) must set some kind of record for May-December romances, we figured there had to be some real-life couples in Hollywood that come close. So without further ado, here are other celebs who looked for love outside their age group.

(To be totally honest, we find the whole thing sorta gross...but also fascinating in a creepy kinda way. Apologies to all involved.)


Barbara Hersey, Naveen Andrews

Lester Cohen/

Barbara Hershey & Naveen Andrews—21-year difference

Billy Joel, Katie Lee

Jim Spellman/

Billy Joel & Katie Lee Joel—31-year difference

Woody Allen, Soon-Yi


Woody Allen & Soon-Yi Previn35-year difference

Joan Collins, Peter Gibson


Joan Collins & Percy Gibson38-year difference

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