Hilary Duff, Elle

Kathryn Friedman / ELLE.com

Hilary Duff has been candid about her weight struggles in the past, but after years in the Hollywood biz, she admits she's no "longer concerned with being the skinniest person." 

The 27-year-old beauty—who is currently filming her new television series Younger, which was created by Sex and the City's Darren Staropens up to Elle.com about her new life living in Brooklyn, as well as her body image battles while growing up in Tinseltown. 

"I'm in the same struggle you're in every day," Duff says, noting how five to ten pounds may seem like a lot of weight for her petite frame to lose or gain. "It's a tough question, too, but however it comes across, it comes across. I just tell myself, 'I'm 5'2", I'm really fit, killing it in the gym, and doing crazy things.' I love to work out, but I'm just not that concerned with being the skinniest person." 

Hilary Duff, Elle

Kathryn Friedman / ELLE.com

"I'm not a model; I'm an actress," the mother of two--year-old Luca continued. "I always feel like I'm in the five to ten pound struggle, but my life is so busy. I'm just not that concerned, really. I'm normal and I'm perfectly happy being that way. Some weeks I'm like, 'Man, my clothes are fitting so good' and then some weeks I'm like, 'I need to cut back on a few things,' but that's it. I don't fall into the trap of having to be 110 pounds." 

The erstwhile Lizzie McGuire star also touched on her new life in Brooklyn, where she is currently living while filming her NYC-based TV series. "I'd actually never been to Brooklyn before I started apartment hunting," she shares. "Just having Luca here, I wanted a little more space so it just made sense. It's quieter. I live in a really cute neighborhood with just enough not to be bored but not have the craziness of having 200 people on the street that are like all over you when you're trying to walk out of your apartment." 

Hilary Duff

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And while most would expect Mike Comries ex to compare herself to other women in Hollywood, the blond stunner admits that the moms in New York are actually far more intimidating. 

"It's amazing. So inspiring," she laughs of the superfit NYC moms. "And here I am in my five-pound battle. Actually, someone on Twitter the other day was like, 'OMG, I just saw Hilary Duff. She's adorable, but I forgot she's a midget!' I'm like, 'That is not nice and not politically correct at all.'"

Still, Duff insists, "I have a large son! He's huge!" she says of her two-year-old tot. "He's in, like, the ninetieth percentile. I'm confused. Mike [Comrie] isn't that tall, either. I'm 5'2" and I've got a kid that looks almost four years old? I'll take it!


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