Bobby Brown Says He and Whitney Houston Cheated on Each Other: ''People Make Mistakes''

Singer tells all in an upcoming Lifetime special

By Alyssa Toomey Jan 15, 2015 11:29 PMTags

Following the premiere of Lifetime's highly anticipated Whitney Houston biopic, the network will air a special during which the late singer's ex husband, Bobby Brown, will sit down with Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson for an in-depth interview. 

E! News has obtained a first look at Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney, which premieres on Saturday, and in the clip, Brown drops a bombshell about his marriage to the superstar. 

When asked about the tabloid rumors of infedelity that continued to plague the pair's marriage, the 45-year-old singer doesn't hold back. 

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"There was infidelity in the marriage, yes, on both parts," he said before elaborating further, "Both of us cheated on each other - period. So that's hard to swallow for both of us. I just think when two people that love each other as much as we loved each other, when they start drifting apart different people come into the situation, into the scenario, and we make mistakes.

"People make mistakes," Brown, who shares 21-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown with Houston, reiterated, adding, "We're human."

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Brown's confession comes just two days before the forthcoming biopic, which is directed by Angela Bassett, is expected to address Houston's tumultuous relationship with Brown, which was highly-scrutinized by the media, as well as the singer's climb to the top of the charts and will not shy away from her drug use. 

"I just want them to go on the journey between Whitney and Bobby. I considered it a love story…They were there to love and care for one another, and it was quite a journey," Bassett previously told E! News of the upcoming film. "I think we as fans, audience…those that looked on—we thought we had some say in it. We really didn't have any say in their love affair. The say we have is of ourselves and our capacity to love, to love ourselves, to love one another and to just spread more love and joy in this world."