Naya Rivera stirred up quite the controversy when she served as a guest-host on The View Monday, and now, the Glee star is washing off the backlash. 

The 28-year-old beauty returned to the ABC show this morning where she apologized for the remarks she made earlier this week when she said: "I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnic. I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing." 

Apparently, her comments, which were uttered in response to Nicolle Wallace's admission that she showers three times a day, upset a few viewers, so Rivera, who is married to Ryan Dorsey and insists her white hubby showers far more than she does, chose to clarify her headline-making theory when she appeared on the show today. 

"Yesterday we were talking about a study that says you're supposed to shower once or twice every three days," Rivera began. "I had an opinion on it that was supposed to be a joke. Apparently it didn't go over so well." 

VIDEO: Watch the controversial clip from Monday's show!

Naya Rivera

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"It was supposed to be a joke, but I apologize if anyone was offended," Rivera continued, before adding with a smile, "However, I'm very excited that it sparked a big conversation about how many times you should shower." 

Wallace, who was humorously ridiculed for her showering habits on Monday's show, shared that she, too, received feedback "mostly from the OCD crowd." 

"They stood with me as a three times a day showerer," Wallace shared before admitting to Naya. "I actually thought you were more on a reasoned side of this so I'd like to defend you today."

In case the audience had any further concern over Naya's hygiene habits, guest-host Mario Cantone chimed in and insisted that the Fox star is squeaky clean. 

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Naya Rivera, Ryan Dorsey


"I went into your dressing room today and I grabbed you and we got naked, we got into a shower, and I scrubbed her back furiously," Cantone quipped. "Back off Naya. She's very clean."

Rivera later read two reaction tweets from fans who were less than pleased with her remarks. 

"One of them from @jaimuziq tweeted, "When you tell the world you shower every three days, that says more about you, not us, Naya Rivera. Some things are better left unsaid" she read before she shared her own personal favorite from a tweeter named @retiredfilth: "Now white people are going to think that we don't shower because of Naya Rivera." 

Her response? "Shower on @retiredfilth!" 

Hit the comments with your thoughts on Naya's comments! 

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