Frances McDormand and Bill Murray Win for Least Impressed People at the Golden Globes

Both appeared bored throughout the show

By Francesca Bacardi Jan 12, 2015 2:38 PMTags
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Frances McDormand and Bill Murray were NOT impressed with last night's Golden Globes.

Falling victim to the cameras' random pans, the actress and actor were caught multiple times throughout the ceremony looking as bored as possible, and it couldn't have been funnier. The stone-faced actress and the unimpressed comedian were not amused, and, ironically, it makes for the greatest entertainment.

McDormand, who was nominated for her role in Olive Kitteridge, didn't take home an award, so maybe that's why she looked so displeased. But Murray, who appeared in several nominated works, looked dapper and happy on the red carpet, but he turned on his frown as soon as the festivities began.

Comedienne Julia Louis-Dreyfus made up for McDormand's cold face by giving an ear-to-ear grin in the background. The Veep star didn't win this year for her role as Selina Meyer, but still managed to glow in her white gown.

We could only imagine what these two were thinking. Here it sort of seems like, "Oops, I got caught, whatever." *eyeroll*


While this one seems like the St. Vincent star was thinking, "When does this torture end?"


Even when McDormand's name was announced during her category, she gave the crowd a brief smirk and continued to fan herself, as it was unusually warm in the Beverly Hilton's ballroom. If you thought that the stars looked unusually shiny on TV, it was because of the high temps! On second thought, maybe that's why these two looked so peeved. 

The winners, however, beamed throughout the rest of the evening. Newcomer Gina Rodriguez gushed to E! News after the show about her unexpected victory and what it means to be working with such talented people.

"It was bananas," she told E! News. "It felt like a blur because the women in my category are so outstanding. They're veterans."

Do you think it's simply bad timing, or do you think they were both upset about their losses? Sound off in the comments below!