Kelly Clarkson's Daughter River Teases Mom's First Post-Baby Single "Heartbeat Song"—Watch Now!

Singer's mini-me dances, giggles and smiles as her proud mama watches on giggling

By Rebecca Macatee Jan 09, 2015 9:39 PMTags

Kelly Clarkson's baby girl is musical just like her mama!

Seven-month-old River Rose Blackstock actually helped mom tease a clip from her first post-baby single "Heartbeat Song."

Little River kicked things off—literally—in the most adorable video posted to and her mom's social media pages. In it, Kelly's mini-me sits back in a studio chair surrounded by tons of recording equipment, all bundled up in layers of pink and purple. Then in an adorable Southern accent, Kelly asks River, whose adult-sized headphones are about as big as her whole head, "Hey, River, what are you listening to? It's making you dance!"

And it really is making her dance, too! Kelly urges her daughter to, "Dance it out," which River does, smiling and laughing as she shows off just how much she loves this new #HeartbeatSong. Kelly keeps giggling as the tot bops on and on, too. When she takes her headphones off, the rest of us get to hear the song, and preciously enough, River continues her dance party.

The song is supposed to debut Monday, but if enough fans share it via, it'll release on Saturday instead. Either way, let's hope River is part of the release plan! Of course we adore Kelly, but it's tough to top Kelly and a dancing, giggling baby version of her!