No one hits like Gaston? Matches wits like Gaston? FALSE. This 11-year-old girl definitely owned the Beauty and the Beast villain and not only did it all go down in front of a huge crowd of people, but now the entire Internet world can witness the total owning of Gaston.

Disney World's Gaston has become somewhat of a viral video superstar as of late, what with this little girl calling him out for being a total jackass (he will NOT marry Belle!) and then this dude trying (and failing) to best Gaston in a push-up competition. But this one is by far our favorite video starring the top-heavy, long-locked peacock.

First, she throws him off his game by holding a mirror in front of his face so he can be mesmerized by his own reflection. Then she challenges him to an arm-wrestling contest, which he excitedly accepts. After all, she's just a scrawny 11-year-old, right?

Wrong. Gaston, you're just a punk.

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