Watch Out. Joe Biden Wants To Sniff Your Daughter's Hair

Uncle Joe is looking to give your daughter's hair a good old sniffin'.

By Soup Staff Jan 07, 2015 11:08 PMTags

We heard a rumor that Vice President Joe Biden pulled a total creepy uncle maneuver on the daughter of a senator at the Senate swearing in ceremony. Apparently there's a video too but I mean, c'mon. How bad could it be? It's probably nothing.

Whoa...Uh. Yikes. Um. Maybe he just loves the smell of Panteen...I mean Pantene. The shampoo and conditioner. Not, you know like TEEN. He doesn't like teens. It's just...You know sometimes when you're meeting and greeting a lot of people things get crazy. Right? We've all been there. I mean, one time in the recieving line at a wedding I accidently shook my uncle's hand twice. Ha! Crazy. Same kind of thing happening here...I guess.

You know what? I'm just going to show myself out of this article if you don't mind.

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