Is this the ultimate prank war?

After Ellen DeGeneres pranked her wife, Portia De Rossi, by secretly filming her working out to Jane Fonda's famous exercise tapes, the Arrested Development star decided to seek revenge on her longtime love. They say you can only fight fire with fire, and that is exactly what Portia did.

While Ellen was running on the treadmill—honestly, it's more like sprinting—Portia snuck up behind her with her phone's camera in tow and secretly filmed Ellen getting in a good workout. What started out as a seemingly harmless video quickly turned into a hilarious moment when Ellen started belting out Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk."

"Don't believe me? Just watch!" Ellen screamed two times over as she continued to run as fast as she could take it.

When Portia finally revealed herself, Ellen hopped off the treadmill belt, visibly exhausted but yawped out in defeat anyway. She definitely realized at that moment what Portia planned to do with her footage. As Ellen shared her video of Portia with her millions of followers on both Twitter and Facebook, Portia did the exact same thing, which ultimately started one of the best prank wars of all time.

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi, Instagram


The Scandal guest star also used her wife's song choice to further embarrass her in the tweet she posted, which added to the humor between these two.

"I got you back @theellenshow! Don't believe me? Just watch," she wrote, attaching the video to the tweet.

We have to wonder what Bruno is saying about all of this!

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