Dustin Diamond

Jeffrey Phelps/Getty Images

Dustin Diamond has been ordered by a judge to stand trial stemming from a Christmas evening incident at a Wisconsin bar where he allegedly stabbed one of the patrons.

The former Saved by the Bell actor, who was in court yesterday, is charged with felony reckless endangerment as well as two misdemeanors.

At the hearing, his defense attorney stated that none of the witnesses at the Port Washington bar reported seeing the 37-year-old actor stab the man, however, an Ozaukee judge ruled that there was still enough evidence for his case to go to trial.

Port Washington police office Ryan Hurda also spoke at Monday's hearing, testifying that a man approached and pushed Diamond but that the man's brother "intervened when he heard the snap of a knife."

Hurda said that the brother claimed he never saw the actor stab anyone and that The Grand Avenue Saloon's surveillance footage showed no evidence of him stabbing anyone.

"It's not distinct, but you can see he's holding some type of object in his right hand," Hurda told the judge.

Meanwhile, Diamond's attorney, Thomas Alberti, explained that out of the half-dozen people interviewed following the incident, no one said they saw Diamond stabbing anyone.

Diamond remains free on $10,000 bond and was given permission to leave Wisconsin (where he lives primarily) in order to work.

During a 2013 interview with Yes! Weekly, Diamond boasted about his, well, colorful past.

"I've never been arrested, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I'm not a druggie and I've never committed any crimes," he said, adding, "I've made some decisions for shock value."

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