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Welcome to 2015 TV! All the shows you love are finally set to return, and we have scoop on what's ahead. Read on and Gird. Your. Loins.

MannyH: Outlander scoop! Saw on Twitter you got the first episodes back. Spill, spill!
LOVED THEM. HARD. All you need to know: The first episode back is gut-wrenching, uncomfortable/offensive and then basically straight-up porn. The second episode back is slower-paced and odd, but an amazing set up for the third episode back, which is STRAIGHT UP BANANAS. I didn't breathe from about half-way through the episode to the end of it. Major game-changers galore and something that fans who didn't read the books wouldn't think would happen so soon.

lovinghalexo: Anything on Ezria from PLL please!!
Aria better watch out because a new woman in Rosewood may her her eye on Ezra at his surprising new job. "The Brew has been sold and it's the New Brew now and the owner is Ezra Fitz," Marlene King spills. "He hires someone to come and cook for him and she might be a bit of a troublemaker." Want more scoop on Ezria and the rest of PLL's couples? Check back with us for more scoop later!



Gabby: So glad Revenge is back from its break! Got any scoop on the craziness ahead? 
Loving Louise? Good, because the show has just promoted Elena Satine to a series regular! And yes, you can expect to see her somewhat separated storyline intertwine with some of the Hampton's other main players, namely Emily, very soon. "Right now, they seem to be on two separate tracks, but our goal is to get them altogether, so Emily will eventually cross into Louise's world," showrunner Sunil Nayar teases. And he describes the duo's dynamic as "fun" and says to expect a bit of a return of "the parties and the snark" after the darkness that was Daniel's death. 

Matt: I need Gotham scoop, stat.
You're in luck! We hear that the Fox comic book drama is currently casting the role of Reginald "Reggie" Payne, a late 40s-early 50s Brit who is rough around the edges. Reggie is Alfred's army buddy from the war, and while he was once a fit, handsome man, he's unfortunately let himself go, and time hasn't been kind on him at all. A scruffy beard, bloodshot eyes and raggedy clothes hide who he once was. Other new faces heading to Gotham? Dr. Dulmacher, aka The Dollmaker, a handsome, creepy, mad doctor; Gus Floyd, a young misfit who takes leadership of the bank robbers known as the Red Hood Gang who gains energy and confidence while robbing a bank; and Clyde Destro, a portly, serious man in his late 30s to mid 50s who is a member of the Red Hood Gang.

Tara: Anything on Nashville?!
If you hated Luke as much as we did, prepare to feel extremely validated in your hatred since he takes his canceled nuptials as well as a temper-tantrum-throwing toddler. Seriously, Rayna dodged quite the bullet by not marrying this immature brat! Also, the ABC southern soap is currently casting the role of late 20s-early 30s Kevin Shay, who is an openly gay singer-songwriter and is one of the most successful in Nashville, having written for some of the biggest country artists in the industry. Described as handsome, tough, and a man's man, it sure sounds like Kevin might be paving the way for Will to finally come out! 

The Mindy Project


natcfc: The Mindy Project, please!
In tonight's episode, Danny ends up getting a little close to someone who is definitely not Mindy. BUT before you riot, he does NOT cheat on her. Alas, there is something you will definitely hold against him after watching the episode: He doesn't know who Taylor Swift is. Cue gasps!

Trudy: Please tell me Kate Gosselin is going home soon onCelebrity Apprentice!
Wish I could! But from what we hear, she's sticking around way longer than  you'd expect. After raising precisely zero dollars and managing to not get fired, things only get more interesting. "Wait until you see what Kate has in store," advisor Ivanka Trump tells us. "She definitely has a lot of passion and she's got a lot of fire in her belly. You'll be seeing a lot more of Kate through the season."

‏@teenie113: I need to know anything and everything about #HartofDixie! #SpoilerChat
George and Lavon have made it pretty clear that they're both vying for the heart of one Lemon Breeland…but she has no idea her two former flames are into her again! Expect that to change very, very soon. "Lemon finds out everything about how George and Lavon feel in episode 3," executive producer Leila Gerstein says. "By the end of that episode, we will know where Lemon's heart lies."

Gia: I am LOVING Julian Morris as Ryan on New Girl! Got any scoop on him and Jess?
Oh, you love him now? Just wait until tonight, in which he gets wine-drunk...which leads to him getting wine-horny. But it gets even better as he eventually dons an ensemble that would earn him entry into a 2015 version of the Village People, complete with a New York accent. Can we keep him forever?! 

@SadeeqaK What's next for Hayley & Elijah after that insanely sexy hookup? #spoilerchat
Expect some distance between The Originals fan-favorite couple as Hayley and Jackson are about to get closer than ever before. Also: better start preparing yourselves now, because we hear that one Original sibling is not long for this world…and his/her death will be at the hands of another Original sibling!

--Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker and Sydney Bucksbaum 

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