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Tommy Lee Jones does not have time for your edgy, colorful photo shoot, W Magazine. That much is clear by his photo that can only be described as "curmudgeon," and that is precisely why it's our favorite pic of the bunch.

W Magazine's Best Performances photo spread features the likes of Emma Stone, Michael Keaton and Benedict Cumberbatch posing in very bright couture and bold makeup. So bold, that some of the stars look almost unrecognizable.

But to really and fully understand why Tommy Lee Jones' photo is by far our favorite, you just have to see the other ones first.

Mark Ruffalo:

W Magazine, Mark Ruffalo

Tim Walker/W Magazine

He's blonde! He's wearing Christmas socks! He's got on a plaid suit! He...almost looks like Austin Powers if we squint hard enough. 

Michael Keaton:

W Magazine, Michael Keaton

Tim Walker/W Magazine

He's the toast of the town with his performance in Birdman, so why not cover him in sunflowers?

Eddie Redmayne

W Magazine, Eddie Redmayne

Tim Walker/W Magazine

More sunflowers! And this time, there's a kooky scarf and what appears to be a naked, dead plantman?

Emma Stone

W Magazine, Emma Stone

Tim Walker/W Magazine

She looks hauntingly beautiful and she also looks like someone just waved at her and she waved back, but then she realized that the person had been waving to someone behind her so now she's embarrassed. You know what we mean?

Benedict Cumberbatch:

W Magazine, Benedict Cumberbatch

Tim Walker/W Magazine

Only the Sherlock stud could put on that yellow sweater and totally pull it off. You can tell he's totally down with the lemons and white shoes with crazy laces thing.

Now it's time for Tommy Lee Jones' photo! Ready?

W Magazine, Tommy Lee Jones

Tim Walker/W Magazine

Zero f--ks given. In our minds, W Magazine showed him some ideas or other celebs who posed in the spread, and maybe they wanted to paint his face with red and white stripes or put him in a neon orange suit and stick flowers in his ear. And then Tommy Lee Jones' just stared at them and said:

"Not a damn chance."

"OK, Mr. Jones. Can we keep your wardrobe standard and still put the flowers in your ear?" 

"I'll hold the stupid flowers."

"Fine. OK, just give us your edgiest look!"


And the result is the photo above. Just TLJ being TLJ.

Oh, and here is the quote from The Homesman actor that ran with the photo:

"I always had a crush on the actress Lillian Gish. She wasn't very tall, but she had this magnificent ass, to put it as delicately as possible."

Tommy Lee Jones, you are our hero. 

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