Lindsey Vonn Talks Skiing Injuries and Tiger Woods Romance on Today—Watch Now!

She had to drop out of the Sochi Olympics

By Francesca Bacardi Jan 02, 2015 5:41 PMTags

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Lindsey Vonn suffered a terrible knee injury that prevented her from competing in the Sochi Olympics, but that hasn't stopped her from getting back in the game. The all-star skier opened up to Today about her multiple knee injuries and how her golf star boyfriend, Tiger Woods, has helped her recover.

With such a high-profile romance, however, Vonn has experienced coverage from the media, which she wasn't used to prior to dating Woods. But she told Today that while it was hard in the beginning, she has gotten used to it.  

"I don't really care what anyone else thinks as long as we're happy that's what matters," she said in the interview.

Woods was previously married to Elin Nordegren but divorced after he had been caught cheating with at least a dozen women. But years later, she has moved on herself and is even happy for her ex-husband and his relationship with Vonn!

"I have moved on, and I am in a good place," the 34-year-old mother of two told People. "Our relationship is centered around our children, and we are doing really good—we really are. He is a great father."

Vonn and Woods have been dating since 2013 after being friends for a long time. She told the morning show of her relationship that "one thing led to the other" after being friends for a long time. Despite her multiple injuries, Vonn insists that she will continue to work as hard as possible to get back on top.

"Nothing will stop me," she said. "I swear."

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