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Google knows what you've been looking for on the Internet, America. And it's putting you on blast.

Sort of.

Estately has compiled the data from Google Trends and created a list of what each state has Googled the most in 2014. These aren't the top searches in each state; these are merely terms and topics that each state searched for more than any other state. We can all assume every single state was searching "ebola symptoms" this year, but Oklahoma just Googled that phrase more than anyone else.

By the way...Utah? "Emma Watson nude?" You have some explaining to do.

Google Searches in Each State


Here is a summary of the most searched trends by state, aka the ones we found the most interesting/ridiculous/confusing. You can get the full list over at Estately:

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Alabama: "Jameis Winston"

Alaska: "Malaysian Airlines Flight 370," "legalize marijuana," "domestic violence"

Arizona: "Mexico-United States Border," "Wilfred"

Arkansas "Mike Huckabee," "Dancing with the Stars"

California: "FIFA 2014 World Cup," "Kim Kardashian," "Donald Sterling," "How to get rid of acne?" "How to shape eyebrows?" "Bitcoin," Kate Middleton butt"

Colorado: "Marijuana" 

Connecticut: "Malala Yousafzai," "Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor," "al-Qaeda"

Delaware: N/A

Florida: "Michael Sam kiss," "Michael Douglas," John Travolta," "Obamacare"

Georgia: "Kerry Washington," "Michael Sam boyfriend," "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," Center for Disease Control"

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Hawaii "Robin Williams," "Jennifer Lawrence," "Theo James," "Kate Upton leaked," "A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge," "Hello Kitty," "iPhone 6"

Idaho: "How to craft," "Bowe Bergdahl"

Illinois: "Harold Ramis," "Jenny McCarthy"

Indiana: "Tony Stewart," "Shirley Temple," "Ann B. Davis," "Two and a Half Men," "Community"

Iowa: "Flappy Bird," "Richard Dawkins"

Kansas: N/A

Kentucky: "What is A.L.S.?" "Sons of Anarchy," "Betty White Dead?"

Louisiana: "True Blood," Laurence Fishburne"

Maine: "Between Two Ferns," "Affordable Care Act"

Maryland: "Pharrell Williams hat," "Ray Rice," "Roger Goodell," "Chelsea Manning," "Paula Patton," "Executive order," "Bill Cosby"

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Massachusetts: "Kate Middleton," "Scottish referendum," "True Detective," "The Good Wife," "Patton Oswalt," "Bill Simmons," "Serial," "Emma Watson UN speech"

Michigan: "Macaulay Culkin dead," "Kate Upton photos," "George Will," "Mary T. Barra"

Minnesota: "Joan Rivers death," "Adrian Peterson," "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson"

Mississippi: "Flappy Bird cheat," "Ciara," "Ciara baby," "Cee Lo Green," "Raven-Symone," "The Ultimate Warrior"

Missouri: "Ferguson," "Casey Kasem," "Michael Sam"

Montana: "National Rifle Association"

Nebraska: "Keystone Pipeline"

Nevada: "Mila Kunis pregnant," "Bitcoin price," "What is Bitcoin?" "Bill O'Reilly," "Jose Canseco"

New Hampshire: "Hillary Clinton," "Bode Miller," "net neutrality," "Philomena"

New Jersey: "Tracy Mogran," "Ansel Elgort," "Idina Menzel," "Tim Howard," "War on women," "Frozen costume"

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New Mexico: "Zombies," "LG G3 phone"

New York "Philip Seymour Hoffman," "Peaches Geldof," "Terry Richardson," "Jared Leto," "Laverne Cox," "Donald Trump," " Drake," "Girls," "What's a selfie?"

North Carolina: "Maya Angelou," "The Benham Brothers," "What is transgender?"

North Dakota: "Jay Leno," "U.S. National Hockey Team," "Kaley Cuoco," "Dumb and Dumber To"

Ohio: "Lethal injection," "Suburgatory"

Oklahoma: "Ebola/Ebola Symptoms," "Jennifer Lawrence photos," " Renée Zellweger," "Carrie Underwood pregnant," "Hobby Lobby," "Kim Kardashian butt," "What is a switch?"

Oregon: "Ukraine," "Motorola Moto G," "Avril Lavigne," "Syria News"

Pennsylvania: "Macaulay Culkin dead?" "2016 Presidential election," "marriage equality," "The Millers"

Rhode Island: "Woody Allen," "Pope Francis," "The League"

South Carolina: "Hazing"

Frozen gifs


South Dakota: "The Dr. Oz Show"

Tennessee: "Who is I.S.I.S.?" "Kevin Sharp"

Texas: "Flappy Bird download," "Johnny Manziel," "Join I.S.I.S.," "How to get rid of stretch marks?" "Are zombies real?" "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Utah: "Emma Watson nude," "Frozen," "same sex marriage," "How to kiss?" "The Mentalist," "Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1," "Glenn Beck"

Vermont: "Lena Dunham," "Seth Rogen," "Feminism," "climate change," "The Colbert Report," "Amy Schumer," "Benedict Cumberbatch"

Virginia: "Tucker Carlson," "White house security," "upskirt pics"

Washington: "Gamergate," "marijuana store," "Richard Sherman," "Amanda Knox," "minimum wage," "rape culture," "school shooting," "Amazon Fire phone"

West Virginia: "Maroon 5," "Charles Manson," "Brad Paisley"

Wisconsin: "What is Tinder?" "Pabst Blue Ribbon"

Wyoming: "Malaysian Airlines Flight 370" (tie with Alaska)

We learned a lot about our country today, you guys. How do you feel now that you have all this new information about the US of A? This is how we feel about it:

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(H/T Jezebel)

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