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North Korea has every reason to be offended by The Interview, no butts about it.

Seth Rogen's controversial R-rated comedy film hit select theaters and was made available as a $5.99 download on the Internet on Christmas Eve in a surprise move, following a previous decision by Sony to cancel its holiday release amid a threat from hackers launched a cyber-attack against the studio and demanded it pull the movie. The menacing message, which cited 9/11, had spooked major theater chains into refusing to screen it.

The United States blamed the hacking on North Korea, whose leader Kim Jong Un is parodied and is made the target of a (highly far-fetched) assassination plot in The Interview. The totalitarian country has denounced the film but denies involvement in the hack.

So what's the big deal about this movie, that spurred such controversy and security concerns?

Check out 7 of the most shocking moments from The Interview:

1. Eminem's sexuality is "revealed"

In the film, James Franco plays an entertainment news show host, Dave Skylark, who longs to be taken "seriously" by viewers and his peers (including a snobbish acquaintance who works for 60 Minutes) and Rogen, who co-directed the movie and co-wrote its script with longtime writing partner Evan Goldberg, plays his head producer, Aaron Rapaport. Eminem, playing himself, appears at the beginning of The Interview as one of their celebrity guests and reveals during his sit-down, nonchalantly, that he's gay, which Rogen's character deems chyron-worthy.

2. Kim Jong Un's bodily functions and part of his butt are mentioned a LOT

In a bid to increase the sophistication of their TV show, somehow, Rapaport snags an interview with the North Korean leader, played by Los Angeles-born actor Randall Park, who is of South Korean decent, at his residence in his country. The sit-down will be totally supervised and orchestrated by his people, of course. He's very excited about it. Turns out he is a big fan of Skylark. Of course he is.

Seeing an infiltration opportunity, the CIA then recruits Skylark and Rapaport as assassins and they are told that his people believe him to be a god, and as a god, he does not perform ordinary human bodily functions....such as going to the bathroom.

James Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Seth Rogen, The Interview

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3. ...speaking of butts...

You get to see his. Or, at least, the movie's depiction of it. And, surprise, it's not very flattering.

and more about butts: Rogen's character has to use his for a very unpleasant mission.

4. Kim Jong Un does what??

The North Korean leader disproves the whole "lack of bodily functions" theory in a very embarrassing way.

5. Wild sex scene

Rogen's character gets frisky with North Korean TV chief Sook, played by Diana Bang.

6. Blood, blood everywhere

Rogen's character takes part in a particularly gory fight scene and does not emerge in one piece.

7. Brutal and musical death

The North Korean leader and Skylark hang out, ride a tank, shoot the breeze, shoot some hoops and bond over their love for the Katy Perry song "Firework." The song also plays a part in a scene depicting the a horrific, slow-motion, fiery death of the North Korean leader.

While it's raunchy and, often, culturally offensive, there is a particular aspect of The Interview that will absolutely melt your heart.

This little cutie. The North Korean leader's gift to Skylark.

The Interview, James Franco

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Inspired, no doubt, by Rogen and wife Lauren's real Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Zelda, who also makes a cameo in the movie.

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A photo posted by Seth (@sethrogen) on

 She made her big screen debut in her dad's 2013 film, This Is the End.

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