Kelly Ripa Says Having ''Lots of Sex'' Keeps Her Marriage to Mark Consuelos ''Spicy''

Morning talk show host gushed on her friend's late night program

By Lily Harrison Dec 24, 2014 5:59 PMTags
Kelly Ripa, Watch What Happens LiveCharles Sykes/Bravo

Kelly Ripa spilled secrets about her sex life with husband Mark Consuelos on this week's Watch What Happens Live—and she definitely didn't hold back!

The bubbly morning talk show host was a guest alongside her longtime pal Anderson Cooper, and she couldn't help but gush about how she keeps things hotter than ever in her marriage.

When asked by Andy Cohen how often she and her hunky hubby get it on, the 44-year-old wasn't too shy to tell it like it is, admitting that they have "lots of sex."

"I fundamentally believe that the more you do it, the more you do it, the less you do it, the less you do it," she explained.

"We just like each other a lot. I love my husband. I think he's awesome. We've been together a really long time. We try to do spicy things together all the time."

Charles Sykes/Bravo

The mother of three also added that she's just getting the hang of sending her love sexy pics of herself.

"I sent him a cute, adorable butt selfie in my underpants. It's the only time I've ever sent a semi-nude anything, ever!"

There was only one little problem, well a big one, she accidentally sent it to her family members!

It turns out that her mother and father-in-law got the picture and shared their thoughts on the seductive snapshot.

According to Ripa, they wrote her an email saying. "Dear Kelly, we are so proud of all your hard work. Your exercise classes are really paying off!"

How embarrassing!

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