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We're always curious to know how celebrities stay in such great shape. Turns out, many stars are using the oldest trick in the recess handbook. Yes, it's time to rediscover a playground favorite: the jump rope.

Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, Padma Lakshmi and Ludacris are all fans of the fun childhood exercise. Kate Hudson hops are so advanced she even jokes that Floyd Mayweather should look out because she is in the "jump rope zone."

And we know you've seen Bieber's fancy dance moves, but have you seen him with a rope? The singer does a variety of tricks in his workout including the criss-cross, speed step, one-foot jump and a few double-unders. (Yes, we had to look up those names.) Basically, the Biebs has some serious skipping skills!

Although, Bieber isn't the only one who's got bouncy moves. Kevin Hart can also pull of some impressive tricks. Plus, we can't help but notice the comedian's chiseled chest. We see you, Kev!

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The Top Chef host likes to kick off her boxing workouts with jumping rope. By the looks of her video, it definitely gets her pumped.

Need more of a challenge? Step it up a notch! Ludacris hurdles a weighted rope. According to his Instagram, the rapper is using a 25-pound Onnit battle rope.

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Lesson learned: Jumping rope isn't just for kids! Hope these fit celebs have helped rejuvenate your interest in this old-school workout. Happy skipping!

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