It seems like Kim Kardashian's naked butt has been everywhere recently, and now it can be on your Christmas tree!

During an appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show this week, Kevin Jonas revealed a special hand-made ornament he crafted to resemble the E! star's infamous naked Paper magazine cover photo.

"I know you wanted to do something special as a dad for his little girl for her first Christmas," Meredith Vieira said to the audience. "What did you make her?"

"I handcrafted an ornament, it's very in season this year," Jonas, 27, said. "I actually brought one for you. I thought it would be appropriate for you, it's very the to-do this season. I thought that would work for you. Hopefully you like it."

Kim Kardashian, Paper Magazine

Jean-Paul Goude/Paper Magazine

Then Jonas pulled out a hanging picture of Kim's booty-baring pose with two giant gold ornaments in the shape of her bum. "I love it," Vieira gushed, adding, "What message are you trying to send to Alena?"

"I'm not too sure yet. All she did was look at it very confused and try to grab one of the balls," he said. "I'm sure that's happened before," Vieira cracked.

"No, it's funny we have a gift ornament exchange at that party I was talking about and so I actually made one of these and it was a huge hit," Jonas added. "So maybe every year I'll make a DIY ornament...Kim thanks, I apologize, thank you."

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