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Well that was fun! Particularly the past few weeks of this season of Survivor have been filled with some awesome twists and turns, often engineered by the clever two-time reality competition alum Natalie, so for many, tonight's result was perfectly clear. 

Keith easily won the first reward challenge, and then was the only person who even got close to winning immunity after his reward was to practice the immunity challenge. That seemed kind of unfair, Things didn't get interesting until the first tribal council, when Natalie geniusly brought out her immunity idol and saved Jaclyn, who was just about to be voted out. Instead, it was young Baylor who headed to the jury, leaving mom Missy to probably also lose.

Jaclyn then managed to win the second immunity challenge, securing her place in the final tribal council. Keith was eliminated thanks to some clever maneuvering by Natalie, which meant that we got a final three made up of all ladies in a season that started with more men than women. 

Final tribal council was basically priceless, thanks to an inspired speech from Reed about Missy and her role as the show's mother. He alleged that she was really more like the evil stepmother, saying he loved Survivor because the evil stepmothers never get a happy ending. The epic, Survivor-hall-of-fame-esque speech basically secured Missy's third place spot. In the end, only her daughter voted for her, while Natalie Anderson came out just ahead of Jaclyn to be named the Sole Survivor of San Juan del Sur.

Elsewhere in the three hour finale and reunion special, we learned what's coming up next season for Survivor. While this season pitted family members and loved ones against each other, season 30 is doing something brand new: white collar vs. blue collar vs. no collar. In other words, the people who make the rules will go up against the people who follow the rules and the people who break them. We can honestly say that not since the concept of blood vs. water was first introduced were we so intrigued by a Survivor concept. 

Fortunately, we won't have to wait long to see how that plays out, because the new season starts February 25th on CBS! 

Did the right person walk away with the million dollars? Let us know in the comments! 

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