The Newsroom is Over and It's Kind of OK: Our Rants and Raves

Find out what we loved (and hated) about TV on Sunday, Dec. 14

By Lauren Piester Dec 15, 2014 4:30 AMTags
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What a night! While The Newsroom took one final bow, Once Upon a Time finally got rid of those pesky Frozen people and Homeland brought back somebody we were definitely not expecting. All that and more in tonight's Rants and Raves!

RAVE: The Newsroom: If you were doing a scavenger hunt of things typically found in series finales, The Newsroom would have probably just propelled you to an easy win. We got flashbacks, a pregnancy, promotions, a proclamation of love, a magnificent return, a funeral that turned into a big party, and even a musical number! It's clear that life will go on after Charlie Skinner's death, and it will go on pretty sweetly for a few of our favorite ACN employees.

Mac is pregnant and is also the new president. Jim, who is now the executive producer, admitted that he loves Maggie, so they're going to try to do long distance if she gets the DC job he recommended her for. Neal is back, and he and the new idiots are going to completely rebuild ACN's website. Will, meanwhile, is totally, adorably thrilled about impending fatherhood even if he's also totally clueless about it.

We said goodbye to the newsroom in total peace just as another broadcast was starting. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was a pleasant farewell to a show that we definitely will miss, for the most part.

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RAVE: Once Upon a Time: We could not be more thrilled that it was Belle who finally got to take down Rumple for his continuing evil deeds. She found the dagger and used it to get him to release Hook (yay!) and then banished him from Storybrooke after realizing that he would never give up any sort of power for her. We were cheering. Belle deserves so much better than that creep.

RAVE: Once Upon a Time: We also could not be more thrilled that Frozen is over, at least in Storybrooke. It was fun for a time, but a mess overall, and we still don't even really understand what went down.

RAVE: Once Upon a Time: Uh, yes please to Cruella De Vil! We haven't seen enough of Maleficent and Ursula yet to fall in love with them like we probably will, but Cruella is already so utterly ridiculous that we can't wait to see more of her. We're also looking forward to finally meeting this Author person, who is now being hunted down by Rumple as well as Henry & The Moms (which is a potential name of our new OUAT-themed band). 


RAVE: Homeland: That was some A+ suspense there as we watched a hundred protestors and Carrie step all over the sewer grate containing Quinn's bomb. Obviously he was never going to detonate it when he knew Carrie was standing right near it, even as Haqqani's car drove over it, but we weren't expecting Carrie to then pull out a gun in the middle of the crowd. To be fair, we also weren't expecting Haqqani to hang out of the sunroof of his getaway car like the asshole he is, and we definitely could not have called the bombshell Khan dropped when he showed up at the last second to get Carrie to put the gun down: Dar Adal, former CIA black ops director, was just hanging out in the backseat with Haqqani. This is getting very interesting.

RAVE: The Affair: The Golden Globes basically threw a whole buttload of nominations at this show, and all you have to do is watch Alison at the beach and with the doctor to see that they're completely deserved. Damn. Also, now we're terrified of secondary drowning. Thanks.

RAVE: The Affair: Things really got going this week! While we don't totally like the way they're going, we're fully invested in all of it anyway. Whitney got an abortion after being impregnated by – surprise surprise! – Scotty. Noah took this time in his life to tell Helen he was in love with Alison, and she rightfully kicked him out. Alison, meanwhile, was in a terrible emotional place and decided to sleep with Oscar, because she is an idiot sometimes. She tries to leave Cole, but because Cole is the best, he chases after her, so he's there with her at the train station when Noah arrives, which does not make Noah happy. It makes us happy, however, and we will not be apologizing for our serious unending crush on Joshua Jackson

What did you watch tonight? Feel free to rant and rave with us in the comments!

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