Mark Ruffalo's 1980s Clearasil Commercial Is a Must-See! Watch the Throwback Video Now

Celebrate TBT with this awesome clip

By Brett Malec Dec 12, 2014 12:44 AMTags

Now this is one totally awesome way to celebrate throwback Thursday!

In honor of TBT, Mark Ruffalo took to his Tumblr page to share an old Clearasil commercial he did back in 1989.

"If you watched my Variety interview with Jessica Chastain then you may recall I did a Clearasil commercial in my early 20s. In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, here it is. Enjoy!" the 47-year-old actor wrote on his website. The hilarious flashback clip features a very young Ruffalo (he would have been 21 or 22 at the time) running through an alley in an attempt to outrun his acne.

"You can run but you can't hide," says a hilarious voiceover. "You zap one pimple another one appears. You need to zap, zap, double zap your zits with new Double Clear pads from Clearasil. It's double thick to hold double the medicine. Treat pimples you have (ZAP!), fight ones you don't (ZAP!), DOUBLE ZAP!"

A curly-haired Ruffalo is shown using the amazing Double Clear pads on his chin pimples. By the end of the video, the baby-faced star is acne free (LOL)!

From the vintage fashion and dramatic voiceover to Ruffalo's adorably young face, this TBT commercial is definitely worth a watch! Check it out now.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images