More Sons of Anarchy on the Way? 5 Possible Spinoff Ideas From Kurt Sutter and Paris Barclay

Final ride may be over for Jax, but what about the rest of SAMCRO?!

By Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 11, 2014 11:43 PMTags
Charlie Hunnam, Sons of AnarchyPrashant Gupta/FX


Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) may be lying dead in a pool of his own blood in the middle of a highway somewhere along the coast of North California, but we may be getting more Sons of Anarchy! Rejoice!

"I've had really…nothing concrete," creator Kurt Sutter previously said about a SOA spinoff, "but I know [FX President John] Landgraf really wants to do it and we'll figure out a way to make that happen."

When we spoke with showrunner Paris Barclay hours after the final credits of the series finale rolled earlier this week, he echoed Sutter's earlier wishes to see a SOA spinoff make it to the airwaves.

But with the main character of the FX biker drama dead and gone, what would that spinoff be about?

Check out these five totally amazing and perfect spinoff ideas Barclay and Sutter told us they'd love to see developed—with our suggestions on possible titles. Get on these, FX! (And you're welcome!)

5. The New Romeo and Juliet

"I'm really interested in what's going to happen with Tig [Kim Coates] and Venus [Walton Goggins]," Barclay said. "There might not be enough there for a whole new show, but there's definitely a story to be told with that couple." They did end up together by the end of the series finale, and there's no way Tig isn't going to mess up his first serious relationship in some way. We'd watch the crap out of that!

4. Cooking With Juice

"I wish Theo Rossi's character hadn't actually died, because there was so much story there," Barclay said. "First there's that whole thing with his black dad and also how he came into the club." Might we suggest a prequel cooking show, with the first episode about how to bake the perfect pie?

3. First Mommy and Second Daddy

"I'm very interested in what's going to happen to Jax's two boys with Nero [Jimmy Smits] and Wendy [Drea de Matteo] as co-parents," Barclay said. "Those kids are little sponges, so how are they going to turn out?" With a murderer for a father, a grandmother who killed one of their mothers, and two ex-junkies as guardians, that's one messed-up family tree.

2. The Handless Wonder

"I'm very interested in Chucky [Michael Ornstein], and I always thought there could be a Better Call Saul in the Chucky story!" Barclay said with a laugh. "To see the story from the perspective of the handless, masturbating creature that is Chucky who became more mature and real as the story went on, that would be awesome. Maybe they could get the ice cream shop back and set him up there. That would be very intriguing to me."

1. First Nine

"I never really saw [a spinoff] as a full-on series because when you start doing that, I want to honor this mythology we created and I didn't want to step on it, so I think I like the idea of it being a one-off and perhaps just to establish how the club was formed and let it go at that," Sutter said. "So we can see the roots of the club and I see it as a different show in terms of I don't think it will be as pulpy…I feel it will be a little more, I don't want to say a historical show, but it takes place in the ‘60s and it's Vietnam, so there's a lot of iconic events happenings around it that influence John Teller. To me, that's an interesting show to make and I think the die-hard fans will plug into that and I think maybe because if it's tonally, it'll be a little different, that perhaps that we bring in new viewers as well."

Which one of these spinoffs would you want to see developed? Let us know in the comments!

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker