Gina Rodriquez, Jane the Virgin

"Cream always rises to the top!" This is what Gina Rodriguez told us the first time we met her, quoting her grandmother, and apparently, the woman knew what she was talking about.

Today, when we met up with her to talk about her surprising Golden Globe nomination, she had us in tears.

Arguably the most unexpected nod of the year, and the first in the history of The CW network, the 30-year-old actress was nominated for Comedy Actress, and her show, Jane the Virgin,  for Comedy series.

Though Jane's seemingly ludicrous premise—a young woman is artificially inseminated—turned off some viewers, the CW dramedy has received overwhelmingly positive accolades from critics and viewers alike.

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And now, it made history for the CW.

But what's truly remarkable is Rodriguez's story: She turned down what could have been her first big TV role—Marc Cherry's Devious Maids—because she didn't like the stereotype she felt it promoted that Latina women are the hired help, saying , "It might extend my checkbook but not my integrity."

She stuck to her moral guns, and obviously, it paid off.

Today, when we met up with Rodriguez, she not only made us all weepy, but also want to stop what we are doing, make a list of everything we want to accomplish in life, and run out and DO IT.

Here's Gina Rodriguez's advice to anyone with a dream (see more of what she has to say in the video below):

"There's a part of you that has to believe in yourself. There's a part of you that has to believe that it can happen in order for it to happen. When I was testing for Jane,  everyone was saying, ‘Can you imagine? You being the lead in a TV show?' I felt like THEY couldn't imagine it, and it was like, 'I can believe it. Cause this is what I'm fighting for, this is what I'm working for.'

"If you believe something for yourself, you're going to go out and get it. The most exciting part of being nominated is being able to tell somebody else, go for your dreams, man, don't give up. Perserverence. That's why you see people at the top still say this is a blessing, a dream come true. Because it is and you can do it, too. It's about giving away your blessings and right now I just want to give them away and say ‘Listen, you got this. Go after it. Don't give up!' I did believe this would happen one day. Did I think it would happen this day? No, but that's the blessing."

Rodriguez also spoke about how inspired she was by Shonda Rhimes' notion that she "didn't break through any glass cielings," saying, "So many amazing women have come before  me and I have hoped and dreamed to walk in their footsteps and to be able to inspire and encourage other women."

Consider that done today, sister.

As for Gina's hilarious 7th Heaven nightmare, and how she feels about her Globes competition, check out the video clip below!

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