27 Dresses

Barry Wetcher

The great line doesn't come from the movie 27 Dresses or from the starlet Katherine Heigl. It's courtesy of carpet worker Ed Burns, talking to us this weekend, who is actually better at marketing rom-com than Heigl. See, darling as she is, she got almost defensive, telling one camera crew at the junket, "Everyone's going to know in the first five minutes what's going to happen, but it's a really fun journey getting there." Yikes. No thanks.

Ed Burns

Glenn Weiner/ZUMAPress.com

Burns was simply cooler, flapping his jaws in a sarcastic, freewheeling way. Here's what he said when asked if guys should go see Dresses:

"Their girlfriends should drag them. Any guy that goes alone is suspect."

Ha! I like the guy. Hell, I even liked Sidewalks of New York! And I was worried about him. See, he's married to genuine supermodel Christy Turlington. They've got like 7,000 kids and a happy life. Thank goodness he's still got that trademark crusty cynicism.

Good job, Ed. Don't change. As for you, Katherine, cool it. Your movie will do fine.

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