Look who's got that new mom glow!

Mila Kunis made her first talk show appearance since giving birth to daughter Wyatt Kutcher on Oct. 1. The Third Person star stopped by CBS' The Late Late Show to chat with Craig Ferguson about what's new since they last saw each other. "Anything going on in your life?" the comedian, 52, asked the actress, 31.

"You know, a couple things," Kunis said with a laugh.

The movie star said her little girl is "nine weeks" old. Though Wyatt's not running around—she is an infant, after all—she's fairly energetic. "She's not lethargic," Mila assured the TV host. "She moves!"

Craig said he thinks "girls are easy," and Mila agreed, saying, "I think so."

"Until they're teenagers," Craig clarified. Mila said, "That's not my problem! That's daddy's problem!" (Of course, Ashton Kutcher took the proper precautions to protect Wyatt.) Mila added, "My sister-in-law had a little boy two weeks prior to us having our little girl and it is completely different. Everything."

Craig noted that Mila "looks great" after giving birth. (She wore a dress with side cut-outs to prove it!)

"Breastfeeding's a great workout!" the first-time mom said. "Let me tell you!"

Craig admitted that he misses the way his wife's boobs looked when she was breastfeeding. "Can we talk about making this permanent?" he joked. The new mom laughed and said, "It's different. It's crazy."

Mila also said hasn't become "too tired" since becoming a parent. "I seem to eat a lot, so that kind of keeps me going through the day. [It's] not too bad," the actress said, adding, "I do love to eat healthy."

The Black Swan star has been nesting at home with Wyatt. "I was able to take time off work, which was nice. I went home! That is my version of time off. I spent all my 20s traveling. It sounds crazy, but I did spend all my 20s traveling and it's the greatest experience ever. You get to see the world and you experience life and you meet people, but you don't have a home. When I decided to take time off, all I wanted to do was have the same bed to wake up in, a routine, a house—and it was great," Mila gushed.

"I think it's a luxury to be able to do that. I am able to be a stay-at-home mom with my kid, and I do find that nowadays people can't do that," she said. "Everyone has to have a job and you have to have a two-person household. So, I was able to take time off and actually raise my child, which I consider a blessing."

Mila also talked about the last time she saw Craig in Scotland, when she bought a kilt for her fiancé. "It turned out great, because you know, nothing's under the kilt. Too soon? Too much? It's midnight! I can say this," she said. Craig asked if Ashton goes commando, and Mila replied, "That's what you taught me! nothing goes under the kilt! He loves kilts. The day that I landed, when we were back from Scotland, was on St. Patty's Day. And then we went out to a bar and he wore his kilt and yeah, every St. Patrick's Day."

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