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Most of the time, there just isn't enough Jeff Bridges in the world. All that's about to change, as The Dude is already suited up for next summer's Iron Man as Obadiah Stane, supervillain to Robert Downey Jr.'s metal-garbed billionaire vigilante.

It's clear, too, that Bridges has great genes. He had to shave his head for Iron Man (the above pic's from over the summer), and let me just say, the hair is now back. And it looks great. We talked at the junket for a new little movie called The Amateurs, in which he and Ted Danson play townies who make a porno film. It comes out in a few weeks and—oh wait, we were talking about superheroes, right? Here's more:


Jamie Bivers/Paramount Pictures

"What drew me to [Iron Man] was the cast and the director, Jon Favreau. I've admired his acting and directing for a while. And Robert Downey Jr., he is wonderful to work with. And, uh…I got to shave my head. I looked at the comic book and said, 'Ooh! The guy's bald!' "

But has he seen the thing yet? "I'm gonna see it in a couple of weeks," he told me. "One of the things I liked about the trailer is you kind of get a taste of the tone. It's really good. Jon and Robert are the ones who are responsible for setting that tone."

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