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Hocus Pocus fans, rejoice! 

Last month, Bette Midler sent fans into a tizzy when she revealed during a Reddit AMA that she would love to star in a follow-up to the 1993 cult hit. She also confirmed that the fellow Sanderson sisters Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are totally down for a sequel, with the witches later reaffirming the 69-year-old star's sentiments on Twitter

So, when E! News caught up with Sean Murray, who played Thackery in the original flick, we had to ask the NCIS star if he, too, is game for a sequel? 

"I don't know I would have to see what it is," the 37-year-old star told E! News at the 4th Annual Santa's Secret Workshop in Hollywood on Saturday. "That's [Midler's AMA] been brought to my attention…that Kathy and Sarah said they are down with it.

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Hocus Pocus

"If they wanted me to be involved with it in some sort of way, I would probably say yes," he continued, adding. "Hocus Pocus has a great following and was a great part of when I was a kid." 

Midler previously spilled the beans that all three witches would love to have a reunion, telling fans to "inundate the Disney company, because I have canvassed the girls and they are wiling to do it, but we have no say in it, so if you want a HOCUS POCUS 2, ask the Walt Disney company," Midler wrote, adding. "You have been SO adorable. This has been most enlightening. SISTAHS! Everybody's in, guys!" 

"It's popular," Murray said of the Disney flick, which continues to be a Halloween classic. "I have kids come to me and their parents grew up on it and now their kids grow up on it. It's like a cult favorite."

He added of Midler's performance in the Kenny Ortega-directed film: "I think she's amazing in it." 

Would you watch a Hocus Pocus sequel? Tell us in the comments! 

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