19 Holiday Gifts That Absolutely Anyone Will Love, We Promise

There is not a soul on this planet who wouldn't appreciate a giant fuzzy blanket or a Netflix subscription

By Jenna Mullins Dec 10, 2014 7:03 PMTags
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Office Secret Santa. White Elephant party. Just being a terrible gift-giver. There are lots of scenarios this holiday season that will make you want to pee-your-pants panic because you have no idea what to buy. Maybe you got a coworker who you barely talk to in your office Secret Santa. Or you are far too lazy to really put forth any effort.

It doesn't matter what situation you find yourself in, because we have a list of 19 gifts that are guaranteed to please almost every single human on this earth. If for some reason they don't like the items on this list, then just cut them out of your social circle forever. Problem solved.

1. A big, soft blanket

Who doesn't love a fluffy blanket this time of year? We always bring these to White Elephant parties and they are always the gift that people fight over most. It's a guaranteed winner.

2. Amazon gift card

Before you scoff about the impersonal nature of gift cards, just hear us out. You can buy almost everything imaginable on Amazon. We don't think this is lazy as it is resourceful. It's like cash, but better, because Amazon is usually cheaper. The recipient can get whatever they want, whenever they want. And if they use Amazon Smile, they can make donations to their favorite charity with every purchase, at no extra cost.

3. Presents for their pets

Oh, someone told you "no gifts, please?" Well, they didn't say anything about gifts for their pets! If the person you are shopping for has a beloved pet, hit up Petco and buy their cat/dog/bunny/fish some cute Christmas-themed presents. Trust us, any animal lover will adore the fact that you thought of their furry babies.

4. Bacon-of-the-month club

If the person you give this to looks at you and says, "but I don't like bacon," that's a friendship-ending sentence. Because if you don't eat bacon, how do you even enjoy life?!

5. Alcohol

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It's booze. Most people like that. And if they don't drink, it's the perfect re-gift. Tell them to keep it around until there is a housewarming party they must attend, and they can bring that.

6. Candles

Just ask Angela. Candles are serious business, and it's a safe bet that whoever gets a delicious-smelling candle will appreciate it. This time of year, go with seasonal scents like Christmas Cookie or Fresh Snow, and if they don't light it up until March, bam! Instant holiday cheer.

7. Nostalgic toys

Buy a Nerf gun and watch the inner child come out. 

8. Charitable donation in their name

Find out what this person is passionate about and make a donation to a charity you know they'll support. Animal lover? Donate to ASPCA. Big on LGBT issues? Donate to Trevor Project. There isn't a human being on this planet who wouldn't appreciate you helping others in his or her name. 

9. Cards Against Humanity 

This is a must for game night. Anyone who has played it wants to own their own set, and anyone who hasn't played it before is in for a real treat.

10. Moleskine notebook

Everyone needs to write stuff down, be it a grocery list or a movie script brainstorming session. So get them the best tool for putting pen to paper.

11. Gas card 

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Everyone needs gas. Unless they live in a city, in which case a pre-paid Metro card will do the trick.

12. Netflix subscription


Give the gift of staying in on weekends and not leaving your couch. It's the most magical gift you can give.

13. Seasonal candy

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Peppermint bark FTW. You can either buy it or make it yourself. It's sugar. Who hates sugar?!

14. Tea or coffee sets

Chances are this person you have to buy for loves tea and/or coffee, so the gift of caffeine is an instant winner.

15. A book you truly loved

If you loved a certain book or book series, passing on your recommendation in the form of a book is quite possibly the best gift you can give. Especially if the person who gets it is a huge book worm. If you know this person hasn't read the Harry Potter series yet, well, then you know what to do.

16. Fuzzy socks and/or slippers

Show us the person who doesn't like warm, fuzzy socks on their feet and we'll show you a LIAR. 

17. Giant coffee mug

Coffee/hot chocolate/tea/wine taste better out of an oversize mug. That's just science.

18. Gear from their favorite team

If they follow a sports team, they will definitely want to show off their pride with a shirt or hat or hoodie, like the one from '47 Brand pictured above. 

19. Snuggies

If you are a red-blooded American, you want a Snuggie in your life. Now in plaid! 

Just stick to this guide and we promise that you will be just fine this Christmas. This gift guide is 100 percent guaranteed or your money back!*

*Not a real promise. E! Online isn't responsible for the happiness of the people getting these gifts and cannot give you money back. Void in Delaware.