Exclusive! Find Out What Kate Middleton Talked About With Beyoncé

Both attended the Nets game in New York City Monday

By Francesca Bacardi Dec 09, 2014 5:09 PMTags
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Beyonce, Jay ZNBAE/Getty Images

When Beyoncé and Jay Z approached Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Brooklyn Nets basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, we were dying to know just what the two most famous couples in the world could have talked about. But now we know!

An eyewitness tells E! News exclusively that Kate and Bey discussed what it's like to be moms!

"Bey and Kate talked about their kids," the source reveals. "They asked each other, 'How old is yours?' They basically bonded over motherhood."

Seems super-casual...just British royalty and pop royalty bonding over motherhood! Awww!

They also seemed to be in the holiday spirit as the source tells us, "Both also wished each other a Merry Christmas."

What we would give to be chatting Christmas lists with these two!

The conversation was brief, but according to the source, it was "a very warm and friendly one."

NBAE/Getty Images

We're not surprised they had such a short conversation, as the expectant mom and Prince William were busy receiving honorary jerseys from none other than LeBron James! The NBA star, who has also dubbed himself "king," Instagrammed the moment he presented Prince William and Kate with a mini jersey for Prince George!

"This very moment will be forever remembered and put up in my house. It's all good and all smiles on this side. #Royalty #StriveForGreatness #RWTW #LRMR #Klutch," he captioned the pic.

In another photo, LeBron casually draped his arm around Kate's shoulders, which sparked concern that he had breached royalty protocol, but thankfully he didn't! A royal communications officer confirmed to NBC News that the basketball legend had acted properly.

—Additional reporting by Beth Sobol