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By Kristin Dos Santos Dec 09, 2014 2:00 PMTags
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Get ready for a little heartbreak, TV fans!

The Vampire Diaries is gearing up for yet another big death, and that's nothing compared to the cardiac arrest you might suffer while watching this Sunday's episode of The Affair....

We can't. Stop. Thinking. About. It. 

Read on for all the scoop!

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Caitlin901: How many people are going to die in #TVD mid-season finale?
Prepare for a heartbreaking death  to rock your world, people! "Dude, there's always deaths, there is a big one coming up, I will say that, there is a big one that's really going to break the people's hearts," Paul Wesley warned of an impending death on the hit CW series.

peaceloveeAngie: The Steroline fans are going crazy over this hug in the promo, can you tell us anything on that??? #SpoilerChat #TVD
Greedy fans that we are, we also asked Wesley for Stefan and Caroline scoop. His sentiment? Patience is a virtue. "There's some beautiful moments and I do think ultimately that something will happen. It's just a slow burn," he said.


NorthbndTrain: Any scoop on #Revenge's Jack and Emily?
Um, you may not want to read what I have to share about Emily's love life if you're shippin' her and Jack. "I think you're going to start to see the real connection between [Ben] and Emily," showrunner Sunil Nayar reveals. "There's a kindness he feels towards Emily and kinship we're going to step on more," And the cop isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Says Nayar: "We love him, we're keeping him."

Meghan: STILL not over the big death on Revenge! Give me a spoiler to hold me over until January please!
Not hopping on the Jitney for Daniel's funeral? "Charlotte may not be back for Daniel's funeral, but she's someone we keep talking about and if we can figure out the right way to bring her in, we'll certainly talk about having her back," Nayar spills.

Kate: Brandon Routh recently tweeted a photo of his face all bloody and bruised. Are we going to see him in any action scenes on Arrow?
Now that we've seen a glimpse of Ray Palmer's plans for the Atom suit, expect to see the CEO get physical pretty soon! "There are going to be some things happening in Starling City in the second half of the year that pretty much affect all of our characters," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. "I don't think anyone really comes away from the events unscathed, both physically and emotionally."

JennaMichelle29: Lee Pace on Mindy…any pics?
No pics of the two of them together, yet, but how about Mindy with her 2004 bangs and color contacts? And we can tell you in tonight's "Christmas" episode, there's a surprise cameo, arranged by Mindy for Danny.

Courtney: The Walking Dead tore me up. We lost Bob. We lost Beth. My baby Daryl needs a hug. What can you tell me about what's to come?
Hmm, how about more romance? When asked if there will be another couple coming, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd spills, "There's got to be! Of course they're in the cards, I can't say when they'll happen though." Ugh, you mean we have to watch?! The nerve of some people.

Lily in Toronto: All I want for Christmas is any spoiler on The Affair. Anything!!
This week's episode, the penultimate, is a doozy. So many bombs are dropped! You finally hear the whole story about the tragic death of Alison and Cole's son (yes, there is more to the story than you know now), and a life-changing event that intertwines the two families could ultimately tear everyone apart. For good. There's some pregnancy news. And some money news. And it's all so gut-wrenching you will find it hard to breathe! Seriously, this episode should be called "Absolutely Do Not Miss, We Mean It."

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Daniella: I cannot stop thinking about Reign's last episode and wondering what is in store for us in the midseason finale!
Prepare for some major fallout for one of Mary's ladies after the shocking sexual assault and the assassination attempt in last week's episode, according to showrunner Laurie McCarthy. "I think we are tilting in the direction of that inadvertently her husband donated money to a cause that wound up really damaging one of her closest friends and her queen, so there are going to be ramifications to that and they are going to be life-altering for Greer and Castleroy."

Annie: Any Reign tidbits you can do away with?
Looks like France could be going to war! The series is currently casting the role of General Renaude, the gorgeous and masculine head of the military who will be sticking around for a quite a good chunk of time and will form a close personal connection with one of our Royals. 

Marissa: You have been skimping on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine scoop. Make it up to us or else!
Betcha we can do that with just six words: Captain. Holt. In. A. Spin. Class. We'll learn about Holt's love of spinning, and a whole lot more, in an upcoming episode when Jake looks into his personal life and history.  Bonus: We'll even meet his old partner!

Sasha: Is Michael out of the picture now that Jane is dating Rafael? #JanetheVirgin
Not at all! In fact, Michael's investigation into Sin Rostro is about to take center stage on the quirky-yet-charming CW telenovela. "You will find out soon who Sin Rostro is," Brett Dier spills. "We just found out, and I was super surprised. Everyone will look suspicious in the next run of episodes and the investigation gets really intense and cool and very dark." In fact, the squeaky clean detective might even get his hands dirty! "Michael is very dedicated to his work and you're going to see that he's so passionate and he'll do whatever he can to crack the case, including breaking the law," Dier adds. "It's better to ask forgiveness than permission, and that's Michael's motto. He's going to be a sneaky bastard."

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