Psychic Girl Predicts: What's Next for Shia, Seth and Zac

By Caroline Kepnes Jul 25, 2007 2:47 PMTags

They are the boys of summer. Some are flourishing (Shia LaBeouf, Seth Rogen) and one is probably wishing he never said the word yes. Hi, Steve Carell. But what's in store for the future?

I called on Psychic Girl Justine Kenzer to weigh in on the career forecast of this summer's It boys. She knows her stuff, you need only ask some of her clients. Who? Oh, that would break the psychic-client privacy. Let's just say there are some Desperate Housewives who really believe. Okay, let's do it, already.

Robert Zuckerman/Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks LLC

Shia LaBeouf's Psychic Forecast:  Shia's aura is just so solid and so bright. This kid has blockbuster after blockbuster and the ability to make movie choices that are only winners from here on out all over him.

Reel Girl Comeback:  Yaaaawn. Agreed. He's golden. Next!


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Seth Rogen's Psychic Forecast:  I see a future role for him (comedy) where he plays a prince/knight-in-shining-armor type. I see him winning an award that looks like an Emmy. Audience-wise, it looks like straight men really like and relate to him.

Reel Girl Comeback:  Armor?! Oh no, could this mean the comic movie really is going to happen? Whimper.

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Marc Anthony's Psychic Forecast:  I don't get a huge hit on Marc having a film career after El Cantante. When I look at it, the energy, it just looks stuck, as if it isn't going anywhere. I don't see him having to be embarrassed, but I also just don't see it going anywhere.

Reel Girl Comeback:  Hmmm. I've seen Cantante, and Anthony delivers on so many levels—acting, singing, crashing, morphing before your eyes from an innocent into a cynic—that it's hard for me to believe he won't be Mr. Wanted.

Rena Durham/

Zac Efron's Psychic Forecast:  Energetically, it looks like Zac is a great performer. He can really be counted on to show up and do his job. He has many young fans cooing for him. I see a financially successful Japan connection for him. There is so much energy around his voice—his voice is really healing for others. I also see him doing Broadway.

Reel Girl Comeback:  Can he do Broadway in a way that creates a scheduling conflict for Footloose?

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Jonah Hill's Psychic Forecast:  This one is killing me—I've looked and looked and can't see much! I don't get a whole lot off of him, he looks to be very private! I see a lot of people happy with him, but it looks like family.

Reel Girl Comeback:  When Superbad box office results are in, his family will surely include studio execs.

Daniel Radcliffe's Psychic Forecast:  I see him as an old spirit with many past lives in preparation for this one. He will have a consistent career at the top, because he has spent lifetimes going through experiences that have taught him how to be able to handle the energy of having so many people's attention on him. I see the energy of an indie film around him in his future.

Reel Girl Comeback:  Yes, and I hope he is naked in the indie.

David James/NewLineCinema

John Travolta's Psychic Forecast:  This won't be the last time he puts on the Edna costume. He would dress up as Edna for an Oscar piece or stint, and it looks like there will be some form of Hairspray sequel.

Reel Girl Comeback:  Sequel?! Yes! Can I buy tickets now, or what?

Rhythm & Hues/Universal Studios

Steve Carell's Psychic Forecast:  I just see him getting everything he wants. Not in a selfish way, but someone who has paid his dues. He has incredible power that he uses in a positive way. He could head a studio if he wanted.

Reel Girl Comeback:  Now, that's a good call.