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Okay, this is complicated but worth it. So, bear with me.

Director Alek Keshishian's Love and Other Disasters—a romantic comedy about a Vogue intern (Brittany Murphy) who wants love for all—screened Thursday night at the Directors Guild. SmartWater spokesmodel Jennifer Aniston showed up with a bunch of people from her production squad, along with her manager, Aleen Keshishian. Aleen and Alek are brother and sister.

Still with me? Good.

So, at the premiere, Alek tells people he's working with David Fincher (he of Fight Club and Panic Room) on something but can't give any details. And suits, crafty and Sherlockian as they are, start to connect the dots. Aniston and Aleen are attached at the hip. Aniston's producing partners are in the house. Sure, this could be just a friendly affair. But it could also be that Aniston will be appearing in Fincher and Keshishian's mysterious project.

Brittany Murphy, Gwyenth Paltrow

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Which would be good for her, because Keshishian gets good performances out of women. Up and down and all over the place Brittany Murphy pulls it together in Love. Yay for her! And it's a big achievement.

And Aniston needs to dazzle movie audiences—she can't afford to get Derailed again.

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