French Toast Crunch

General Mills

Hey! Get those Grape Nuts out of your pantry! The real s--t is coming back. This is no time to be healthy and it's definitely not the time for grains and essential nutrients.

General Mills announced today that they are bringing back a sugary cereal that they discontinued eight years ago. For some of you, it was part of your childhood. For others, it was your "I'm drunk and hungry but too drunk to order pizza and definitely too drunk to turn on the oven" snack. Either way, you probably remember this cereal.

That's right. It's French Toast Crunch time, y'all! AGAIN.

French Toast Crunch, you may all remember, was kind of like Cinnamon Toast Crunch except the chefs who created it were French trained and they twirled their mustaches while putting together the recipe. OK, not really. It just meant the little toast-shaped pieces of cereal tasted kind of like maple syrup. 

"We have been overwhelmed by the consumer conversations, requests and passion for the cereal to come back," says GM marketing manager Waylon Good. "We value our fans and are so excited to be able to bring it back for them."

French Toast Crunch first debuted in 1995 and was taken off the shelves in 2006. But starting in January 2015, the cereal will be available for purchase and consumption. Or you can buy a bunch and hoard it all in case they discontinue it again and then sell it to addicts for a 50 percent markup. Not that we would ever do something like that…

As for us, this news did not bring us as much joy as others. Do you know why? Because we will not rest until General Mills brings back S'mores Crunch! It was so good! It was s'mores in a cereal bowl! Plus milk! It was pure breakfast nirvana, and it was taken from us all too soon in the '90s.

Where you at with bringing that back, GM?!


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