Community Star Yvette Nicole Brown Opens Up About Her Major Weight Loss—Watch Now!

"I want to keep my feet!"

By Francesca Bacardi Dec 05, 2014 9:49 PMTags
Watch: "Community" Star Yvette Nicole Brown's Major Weight Loss

After getting diagnosed with diabetes, Yvette Nicole Brown knew she had to make some changes in the way she lived her life. The Community star opened up to E! News about her incredible 10-month weight loss journey and how much better she feels having shed some pounds.

"When they tell you they're going to take your feet, you stop eating donuts," she jokes.

Anyone who has tried to diet knows how difficult it can be, but Brown says her diagnosis was a strong motivator when it came to powering through plateaus.

"When it's for vanity, it might be hard because there are reasons to stop, but when it's for health, you kind of go, 'I want to keep my feet!'"

Thankfully the actress's hard work and effort haven't gone unnoticed because not only are her blood sugar levels "normal" (she says those are the only numbers she looks at) but she also looks absolutely fabulous! 

Kevin Parry for PaleyFest

Of course looking fabulous has her feeling that way, too!

"I feel so great," she says. "I have energy. Everything is changed since I made the decision to get healthy, so it's good."

As for her secret to success? Portion control!

The star dishes that now she has learned to eat smaller portions in order to stay on track with her weight. She also has become a big fan of making substitutions—swapping out her "six pack" sometimes for a "glass of water."

"Maybe I'll try vegetables," she hilariously suggests. "I heard they're delicious!"

Watch the video above to find out more about Yvette Nicole Brown's weight loss journey!