DVF Brand Ambassador Candidates Throw Wild House Party in The Hamptons and Damage Merchandise—See the House of DVF Clip!

The DVF Brand Ambassadors get out of control in the Hamptons

By Kamala Kirk Dec 05, 2014 9:03 PMTags
Watch: DVF Candidates Throw a Regrettable Bash

On this Sunday's episode of House of DVF, the Brand Ambassador candidates head to the Hamptons—where things get wet and wild!

After a long day of styling celebs for The Hamptons Classic Show, the girls decide to unwind by throwing a bash at their rented house! They intend to make it a small, innocent get-together, but Brittany Hampton doesn't support the idea one bit.

"Amanda and Lenore decide to have this amazing party," Brittany reveals to the camera. "They invite all the socialites and all of our clients. Honestly, after talking to Jessica and Stefani, I don't want no part in it."

But more guests show up than expected, including a group of good-looking guys who strip down and decide to turn it into a pool party!


And just when they think they've seen it all, one of the partygoers jumps into the pool while wearing a DVF sample dress!

"I literally see the water splash in slow motion," Lenore Genovese exclaims with shock. "These clothes are samples, meaning you return them in great condition."

Watch the above clip to see the girls' wild house party and see how Diane reacts this Sunday on the brand new House of DVF

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