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There's a rumor going around that Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar are dating (!).

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar reportedly want their oldest daughter (she's 24) to properly court the NFL stud-turned-newsie. The 19 Kids and Counting stars are even said to have secretly met with mama Pam Tebow in secret to get the ball rolling closer to the goal.

Of course, Tim, 27, has been romantically linked (falsely) to many a lovely lady by the media before, so we need to be cautious that news of this blessed union-in-the-making isn't coming from a false prophet. (E! News reached out to TLC and reps for comment but did not receive a response).

However, if these two are indeed dating (with proper chaperones, of course), we should all take a moment to praise the Lord. Reason being? Tim and Jana would make the perfect couple—here are five reasons why.

Tim Tebow

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1. They Both Love Jesus! Faith is the most important thing to both born-again, Evangelical Christians. Jana, like her 18 siblings, grew up in a Bible-worshipping home where she was taught that God and His will would lead them to that special someone. As you can see on the show, mama and daddy Duggar do their best to raise their brood with strong Christian values. The Tebows are all about praising the (wo)man upstairs, too—in fact, all five of their kids (and some spouses and grand babies, too) work to spread His word through the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. Tim himself used to preach from the football field—whether it was writing Bible verses under his eyes or taking a moment to praise God and pray (aka Tebowing).

And you know what they teach you about "the triangle" in Sunday school—put God at the top and as both partners move closer to Him, they get closer to each other, too. Good news for Tim and Jana!

Tim Tebow, GQ Magazine

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2. They're Both Virgins: That's right, by choice, these two have yet to score. They're saving themselves until the day they say "I do" to their future spouse. Tim confirmed at an SEC Media Days press conference back in 2009 that he planned to hang on to his V-card until the wedding night. And the whole Duggar dating philosophy of courting—instituting a chaperone and what not—is to make sure this premarital purity stays intact.

19 Kids and Counting, The Duggar Family


3.  They Both Come From Big Families: No only child syndrome here! Jana's tied for the second-oldest kid out of all 19, so she's definitely got Tim beat by the numbers. He's the baby of the family, but he's extremely close with his four older siblings: Christy, Katie, Robby and Peter. Chances are, both Jana and Tim will want the same big family dynamic when it comes time to reproduce themselves!

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4. They Both Like Kids: Obviously these two haven't been blessed with children of their own (yet), but they do adore their nieces and nephews! Josh Duggar has three little ones of his own with No. 4 on the way, and Jill Duggar Dillard is expecting too; Tim's sisters Christy and Katie have two and three kids, respectively. This makes Jana an aunt of three (and counting) and Tim an uncle of five. It's safe to say these children of God have spent a gracious plenty of time babysitting their siblings' children, too!

Tim Tebow

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5. They're Both at That Age: Sorry to sound like a Southern mother (and for the record, there's no right or wrong age to get married), but the truth of the matter is that Evangelical Christians often do get married at a younger age than those outside the faith. As Mark Regenerus' Christianity Today article "The Case for Early Marriage" notes, those abstaining from sex until they're officially Mr. and Mrs. are often the ones most wanting to exchange vows early (you can imagine why). And while times are a-changin' and there are exceptions to every rule, as the years trickle on that dating pool just gets smaller and smaller. So while there are plenty of fish in the sea, if you want a very specific, Christian fish with a very specific set of values, then you might want to catch 'em while you can. In other words, Tim and Jana, the time is now to let down your nets or just keep swimmin'!

God bless.

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