Jen Arnold and Bill Klein Share Health Updates, Reveal What They Wouldn't Show on The Little Couple

TLC stars are busier than ever with two toddlers and full-time jobs as they kick off new season

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Watch: "The Little Couple" Stars Give Family Health Update

Jennifer Arnold is healthier and stronger than ever!

It was perfectly clear this week as the TLC reality star proudly declared that she was nine months cancer-free.

While a positive attitude and hard work helped her get healthy again, The Little Couple star couldn't help but thank husband Bill Klein for all of his support.

"I have a solid, strong husband to support me every step of the way," she told E! News. "We have a great family around us."

With help from both Jennifer and Bill's parents, the couple has made it possible to hold full-time jobs and keep their romance alive. And while they find themselves tired, thanks to two growing toddlers, date night continues to be a priority several times a year.

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"We haven't had a date night since recovering from surgery but our goal is once a month," she shared. "I knew once a week was not reasonable, not practical."

She added, "When we are together [as a family], it needs to be good, quality time. We're not just in front of the TV. We're doing stuff and that helps."

For six seasons, fans of the couple have followed their journey into adopting two children as well as Jennifer's cancer scare.

Although they try to share all their highs and lows with viewers, Bill admits some moments are just off limits.

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Courtesy of TLC

When adopting their two children William Klein and Zoey Arnold, both parents consulted experts to see what would be the best TV decision for their little ones. They ultimately decided to take a break from shooting.

"Once we took all the guidance we received, we said let's shut down cameras for six weeks after each of the kids had come home," Bill explained. "We knew it was in the best interest of the kids to secure a bond with them. Regardless of what cameras wanted or frankly anybody else out there wanted, it was strictly for these two guys that we kept the cameras away."

And when it comes to their decision to chronicle Jennifer's cancer battle, Bill admits that was totally up to his wife.

"It was solely up to her. I had no interest putting my wife on TV unless she wants to participate and ultimately, that was her thing to share with the world," he shared. "I wouldn't say, 'Oh, this is good television.' I would say, 'Jen, this is your world, and if you don't want cameras here, I'd be happy to push them out the door for you.'"

That's the Bill we know and love!

New episodes of The Little Couple air Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. only on TLC.