Snooki Admits She Needed Vodka to Calm Down at Her Wedding, Reveals Jionni's Ring Was Inspired by Brad Pitt—See the Bling!

"So I got married on Saturday and it was honestly the best day of my life and it went by so quickly that I was like what the hell!" newlywed Nicole Polizzi blogged today

By Natalie Finn Dec 03, 2014 3:39 AMTags
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Snooki has apparently recovered from that hangover.

Opening up today on her blog and during her podcast about her weekend wedding, during which she became Mrs. Jionni LaValle (she's now Nicole LaValle on Twitter), the former Jersey Shore star couldn't help but gush about "the most amazing day of my life"--though she needed a tipple or two to calm her nerves.

"Holy crap, I'm married," the newlywed blogged today. "I'm a wife. I had the worst jitters that day and had to have vodka to calm down my nerves!"

But even though the elements seemed to be in place for a night that no one would remember (you know, in a festive way), Snook reminded her fans of the importance of drinking it all in—figuratively, that is—in the moment.

"I kind of want to renew my vows next year so that I can have a wedding again and relive that experience because it was so amazing," she wrote. "And you know how so many people when you get married everyone is like it goes by so quick, make sure you take a step back, take it all in, take mental pictures because it's going to be done before you know it.

"But I was like yeah right, because my wedding was eight hours long so I'm like there is no way its going to go by that quickly. But in the snap of my finger, my wedding was over. I had the best wedding ever and I'm not saying that because it was my wedding!"

Snooki also offered up another fun fact—her hubby is apparently "obsessed" with Brad Pitt and wanted a big ole man ring just like the actor's.

"Shout out to B&B Jewelers, both Jionni and I got our rings there," she wrote. "With my wedding ring, I just wanted to copy the band on my engagement ring so I got two extra bands and their not fused together so some days when I don't want to be too bling (well that's probably never going to happen) but if I'm going to the gym and I don't want to ruin all the rings, I can take both the bands off and then I have my engagement ring.

"Jionni wanted his ring to look like Brad Pitt's ring because he's obsessed with Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp but we couldn't find a good picture of Johnny Depp's ring so we went with Brad Pitt's. This ring that he has isn't a full circle it's more of a square ring and has diamonds in it so we kind of copied Brad Pitt's ring and he loves it and I'm happy he loves it. I also got him another ring because that ring is so gorgeous and if he's going to do work in the yard, or he's going to go out and doesn't want to ruin the main ring, he still has something to wear! I don't want people to think he's single and trying to hit on him. It's an every day ring where he can wear it to work or wherever. He got me these rings and they are just gorgeous and I'm so happy with them."

And we're so happy for them.