Have you ever watched a boxing match or an MMA fight and thought, "I could do that. That could totally be me." So you pick yourself up off the couch and decide to try. For once in your useless life you actually make an effort to achieve a dream. You sign up for an MMA class and guess what? You do okay and your confidence grows. With nothing else to live for but this pipe dream of physical punishment you sign up for an amateur MMA league. Then, you countdown the days until fight night. All the while you imagine a single moment where you'll execute a move that you've executed in your mind a million times flawlessly. You feel a feeling you haven't felt in a long time. Pride in yourself. You are visualizing your dreams and making them real! Yay! Yay for you! Finally, the night of the big fight arrives. You step into the octagon and you're ready. You're so ready for this. As you and your opponent square off you suddenly see an opening in his defense. So you go for it. You go for your knock out shot. And this happens...


You know what? It's ok, dude. Probably should have waited on that move but it's ok. Don't give up.

PS - Your eye looks really messed up. Did you go see a doctor yet? Do that. Then go back to not giving up.


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