RIP [Spoiler!]: AMC Apologizes After Outrage Over A Walking Dead Facebook Post

Somebody screwed up.

By Lauren Piester Dec 02, 2014 3:43 AMTags
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Let this be a lesson to us all: Don't. Anger. The Walking Dead fans. The show's Facebook page learned the hard way last night when they only waited until after the East coast airing of the midseason finale to post a pretty serious spoiler that definitely could not be left up to interpretation.

It was a photo (shown above) featuring Daryl carrying Beth's body, and the caption "RIP Beth." While the episode had aired for some in the U.S., the West coast and most of the rest of the world had yet to witness the horrible death at the hands of Police Officer Dawn, which came as a pretty big surprise at the end of last night's finale.

The post was taken down, and then reposted after the West coast airing, while anyone outside of the U.S. still hadn't had an opportunity to see the episode. Some fans responded with simple comments like "Spoiler. Thanks." Others got a little more creative with their language, and many posted memes incorporating characters from the show or even characters from other shows and movies. Needless to say, people weren't happy.

People were so unhappy that the page ended up having to post the below apology.  


Of course, since it's the internet, the apology sparked even more outrage from the people who didn't think a Facebook page for a TV show should have to apologize for spoiling said TV show, and from people who were annoyed at the "crybabies" who were upset about being spoiled.

So in the end, nobody won except for the mid-season finale itself, which was the series' highest rated mid-season finale ever with 14.8 million viewers. Apparently angry Facebook comments have no impact on viewership. Who knew?