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Christmas can be a most magical time. The snow falling and the children laughing and all that festive crap. But the holiday season can also make you fraught with anxiety because once you pass a certain age, you are not just getting gifts. You are expected to give gifts to others, as well. And trust us, young ones, it only gets worse as you get older.

First, there is your family. You have to give them gifts. And then your friends, but what about those friends who you are only kind of close with? What if they are getting you something? And how about coworkers? Do they just get a card? What if you never really hang out outside of work?

We get it. You have questions. And we have answers…in the form of E! Online's Official Gift Flowchart!

Just start at the top. You know, where it says "START." And make your way down to the multiple gift options. Some people get just cards. Others better get some meaningful stuff. It's all in how you answer the questions.

Just sit back, relax and t this pretty, festive chart be your gift guide.

Holiday Gift Flow Chart

Amanda Oleander for E! Online

Happy Holidays, everyone! 

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