Darryl Hannah, Sean Connery, Ben Lyons

Davide Depas / davidedepas.com

Hey, guys, what's up from the Bahamas! I'm down here serving as a judge alongside Half Nelson director Ryan Fleck in the 4th Annual Bahamas International Film Festival. Tough gig, right? I've seen some great films, met some cool filmmakers and, of course, rode the waterslides down at the Atlantis Resort and Casino.

One of my favorite actors, Anthony Mackie (Half Nelson, 8 Mile, Million Dollar Baby and the upcoming Eagle Eye), and Stuart Townsend (the first film he's directed, Battle in Seattle, played on opening night) are down here for what is slowly becoming one of the best festivals on the circuit.

Here's a photo from the other night, when I hosted a tribute to Daryl Hannah with the original 007, Sir Sean Connery. Crazy! To close out my time here on Paradise Island (as seen in Thunderball!), I'm hosting an event honoring British actress Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean, Miami Vice).

BTW: I'm adding this pic to my ever-growing gallery of snapshots with big shots, so check that out, too.

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