Tila Tequila Debuts Baby Daughter Isabella Monroe—See Photos, Including a Breastfeeding Pic

33-year-old glamour model and former reality star gave birth to her first child on Nov. 16

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Meet Tila Tequila's littlest love!

The 33-year-old petite glamour model and former star of the MTV reality show A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila shared on her website on Tuesday photos of her baby daughter, Isabella Monroe Nguyen, showing her first child's face in full publicly for the first time since she gave birth to her more than a week ago. One of them shows the baby breastfeeding.

"I am so lucky to be able to wake up seeing, and kissing on this beautiful little face of hers every single day!" Tequila wrote. "The world could end right now, and as long as I have her held close to my chest and feel her little heart beating...nothing else in this world matters! The only thing that matters to me is my little princess and what a beautiful, gorgeous, and perfect little princess she is! I seriously am so in love!"

Tequila gave birth to her daughter on Nov. 16. She previously shared a pic showing a glimpse of the baby's face and tiny little foot.

PHOTO:Tila Tequila poses topless: "A pregnant woman's body is a beautiful thing"

"She's already growing SO FAST!" Tequila wrote. "She has already gained a pound since we left the hospital, and she seems to be growing through a growth spurt at the moment because all she does is eat, eat, and eat! Oh...and of course s--t and sleep! Haha!"

"I breastfeed her about every 2 hours all day everyday and we both LOVE IT!" she wrote. "Breastfeeding truly does build the strongest bond between a Mother & her baby! I think this is such a beautiful photo that captures the moment. She looks so peaceful here that I just had to sneak in a photo of her. I could savior this moment forever!"


Tequila announced her pregnancy in April. She plans to raise Isabella as a single mom.

"Being a single Mother is not going to be easy, but I know it's for the best," she said on Facebook. "I have been able to overcome every single obstacle in life that has ever been thrown at me, and come out of it a better person every time. I don't believe this situation is any different as I believe that God has a plan for us all."


She documented her pregnancy journey and her weight gain on social media and her website. She shared several photos showing growing baby bump, including a topless pic and lingerie shots.

A pregnant woman's body is a beautiful thing!" she said in June. "You should never be ashamed of such a blessing!"

The 4'11" star revealed that she weighed 98 pounds and had a 22-inch waist days before she discovered she was pregnant and was up to 132 pounds by week 24. She gave birth to baby Isabella on week 40. Her child weighed 7 pounds and 2 ounces.

Tequila said on her website in June that she had gotten pregnant several times before, the first time at age 16, and talked about her personal struggles.

"Everything I did, every career choice I made, I always did it for the future of my baby so that he/she would have a loving life filled with anything and everything he/she could ever dream of," she said. "Basically, I wanted to give my baby a chance at things that I, myself never got the chance to have while growing up so poor," she added. "So be it my reality TV show, the music, the sex tapes, or whatever it was that I did in my past...you better believe that it was all done so that I could save up money for the child that I did not yet have or to help my family members."


Tequila said she had wanted to have a baby for the past 16 years.

"I had gotten pregnant a few more times in life, but due to work or wrong timing or whatever God's reasons were for me...those pregnancies had unfortunately terminated early and it killed me every time," she said. "So then I started doing more drugs to numb all of my guilt and my pain away. I didn't care about myself anymore," she said. "I felt like I didn't deserve to have a baby so that's when I threw my life away hoping to just die one day, but by the grace of God I was saved."

Tequila has also said wants to have more children and get married.

"My ultimate goal in life is to have a big family with about 10 kids," she said on her Facebook. "A house filled with chaos and terror, but most importantly LOVE! I want to own a horse ranch and teach my children how to ride horses, shoot bows & arrows, and have a ton of food fights on Fridays. Then afterwards I would have the entire family clean up the mess together."

"Most importantly I will love my husband just as much as I will love being a Mom to my kids," she added. "I'm going to have such a big, and lovely family one day! I know I will! This baby is only the beginning. A sneak peak for what is to come for Miss Tila Tequila! To Be Continued....  #SoExicted #DreamsDoComeTrue."