Munchkin the Shih Tzu might won't have any guilt about overindulging on Thanksgiving Day—she's been burning off those calories!

This 8-pound-dog donned her teddy bear costume and hit the treadmill, melting hearts (and fat) with her oh-so-adorable YouTube video.

Munchkin, much to the delight of the Internet, debuted her cute costume on Halloween. And while that viral video was a success as well, there's just something about her commitment to fitness in clip No. 2 that makes this latest video, posted Monday, all the more endearing.

This little lady, who lives in Southern California according to her Facebook page, doesn't just charm the web while dressed as a bear, you know. She pals around with Boo, her cat sibling, high-fives her owner, squeals for the dog park and even shares vids of herself "chillin in a swing."

While some have likened Munchkin to an ewok, we think she's a stunner with her own unique look. And while she hangs out with other dogs and friends of the feline variety, when it comes down to it, she seems to really like her fellow Shih Tzus.

"I watched 3 minutes of dogs howling and I only howled at the 1 Shih Tzu!" she wrote on Facebook, and sure enough, she linked to a YouTube clip with video evidence of just that!

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