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First, if you shouldn't dress as Wonder Woman...then don't. Please don't.

Okay, now that that's out in the open, here, in no apparent order, are a quintet of things I learned during my first day of interviews down here at "the Con" in San Diego, the world's largest gathering of all things pop culture.

1.  Wonders Never Cease
Rosario Dawson wants to play Wonder Woman. I know that was my lead-in, but she and I talked about the possibility of her playing the iconic character should producer Joel Silver reach out to her. Certainly, she has no trouble filling the costume! Rosario is down here at Comic-Con to promote O.C.T., a new comic book created in her image.

And like her Sin City costar Clive Owen, Rosario was most impressed by Mickey Rourke's performance in the ensemble based on Frank Miller's graphic novels. Both Sin City stars reacted exactly the same when talks of a Sin sequel were brought up. They had no idea of any future projects but, of course, were very open to the possibility. Rock it out, Rosario. You are an L.E.S. Legend...

Joel Silver

AP Photo/Chris Park

2.  Shazam Bam, Thank You, Man
Shazam will be directed by Get Smart director Peter Segal, who is thinking of casting the Rock in the lead role. I assumed Shazam was the sequel to the Shaquille O'Neal classic Kazaam, but apprently it's a comic book.

3.  Dan's the Man
Dan Fogler is a star. He has three movies on the way, including Balls of Fury costarring some dudes from the great MTV show back in the day, The State. In the future, he wants to blame/thank a couple of his comedic heroes, the late comedian Sam Kinison and Jackie Mason.

4.  By Hooker or By Crook
Monica Bellucci as a prostitute? Clive Owen as a nanny? Paul Giamatti as an assassin? What the hell is going on here?! Well, that's what I found out yesterday about Shoot 'Em Up, a new film from New Line that's set to drop later this year.

5.  Silver Is Pure Gold
Joel Silver (pictured above) is the king of mainstream "genre" films. Not that we didn't know this already—the guy did produce the Matrix trilogy. But it seems he has several of the most buzzed about projects at Comic-Con currently in development: The aforementioned Wonder Woman; Speed Racer, which is currently filming in Australia; White Out, starring Kate Beckinsale, which is the reason Joel is down here this year; and another edition of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He told me the key to making a succesful film adaptation of a popular graphic novel, TV show or comic book is "just don't f--k it up." Words to live by...

Okay, geeks, fanboys and Trekkies. I'm back to the madness. Today, I'm speaking with Seth Rogen, Josh Hartnett, Pee-wee Herman, Kevin Bacon and the cast of the most talked about film at Comic-Con...Iron Man!

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