Jared Heisler's son Matt Heisler was only 21 years old when he died in a tragic house fire at the University of North Dakota. But the grieving dad found a small moment of peace when he was able to experience firsthand how his son's death saved another man's life.

When Jared was 16, he signed up to be an organ donor when he got his driver's licence. And that is how Vietnam War veteran Tom Meeks got a second chance at life. He was diagnosed in April 2011 with a rare heart disease called amyloidosis and was told he would not survive without a heart transplant. He was put on a waiting list and over three years was rejected by five different hospitals.

But this past March, the Mayo Clinic (who had finally accepted him) called Tom and said they had a heart for him. It was Matt's heart, donated after his untimely death. 

"He made the decision that if life ever slipped away from him, he would give life to someone else," Jared said about his son. And eight months after losing Matt, he was able to hear his son's heart beating in another man's chest, a video so emotional that you are guaranteed to cry along with Jared.

Matt's heart isn't the only organ that helped someone. His kidneys saved two women, while his liver was given to a 61-year-old man.

We hope that the Heisler family is comforted during this tragic time by the fact that Matt is living on through his generous organ donations.

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